About the Downtown Campbell Business Association (DCBA)

The Downtown Campbell Business Association (DCBA) is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run membership organization whose mission is to improve the commercial and social climate of Downtown Campbell for the benefit of its businesses and the surrounding community.

How Does the DCBA Help Merchants?

The DCBA is proactive in efforts to promote Downtown Campbell as a destination. We generate foot traffic by sponsoring community events that contribute to the cultural and social environment of our district.

DCBA Meetings

All members and associate members of the DCBA are welcome to attend monthly meetings held on the first Wednesday of each month. Meeting locations vary from month to month. Please ask a member business or email info@downtowncampbell.com for the location of the next meeting.

DCBA Membership Fees

DCBA membership dues are paid annually (12-month term) and are determined by the number of employees in your business. Dues are $60/year for businesses with 1 employee, $75/year for 2-4 employees, and $100/year for 5 or more employees. You may pay via check or online via PayPal (link available at downtowncampbell.com).