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As of June 18th 2020, the state of California has expanded its face mask mandate to include when you are:

  • Waiting in line or waiting to enter any indoor public space

  • While outdoors in public spaces when maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from persons who are not members of the same household or residence is not feasible

It was already previously required that you must have a face mask on whenever you are inside a place of business. The key change that affects Downtown Campbell is that you now must also be wearing a face mask even outdoors if you are likely to be closer than 6 feet away from other people.

Last week, we asked you to wear a face mask anytime you're in Downtown Campbell. As some of our restaurants have re-opened for patio dining service, people have eagerly come back to enjoy their evenings in Downtown Campbell and it's getting a little too cozy for comfort at times.

We really appreciate you coming out to support our restaurants and retailers, but we really need you to do a better of job of wearing your face masks when you're here. We know you've got them because you put them on when you enter shops as required. Now we'd like to ask you to leave them on because we keep seeing too many people who are too close and are not wearing masks.

We also want you to help us set a good example for all the other downtowns on how to strike a balance between enjoying life and being conscientious of public health and safety during a pandemic. Sure, you're probably not sick, but if you wear a mask and everyone else wears a mask in Downtown Campbell, it's likely that collectively you will have convinced a few people who actually were sick to put a mask on.

Lots of people probably do not know that California's mask mandate has expanded and most people who will come to Downtown Campbell in the next week will never read this message. They're never going to see any of our requests for them to put a mask on, but they will notice if you are wearing a mask.

So please wear a mask! We need your help to make Downtown Campbell safe for more people to enjoy and help push the infection rate down so our salons and spas can get back in action.

Why Wear a Face Mask?

Face masks are not impenetrable barriers to viruses, but they don't have to be to reduce the chances that you will give someone else Covid-19 or get it from someone else. They only need to stop enough virus from getting through to prevent diseases from being transmitted from person to person. They're especially good at stopping any outbound viruses from the wearer.

This is because respiratory droplets that can carry huge amounts of viral...Read More

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Shelter in Place Update for week of June 14th

Posted on June 14th, 2020 by sheldon

We hope everyone is healthy and sane and if you're not, hopefully you're at least healthy OR sane.

Earlier this month, Santa Clara County began permitting restaurant and retail services to resume on a limited basis. Most of our shops and restaurants have taken advantage of the loosened restrictions, but some of them are continuing to operate on a more restricted basis for a variety of reasons.

Al Fresco Dining is In

The big news is that restaurants are allowed to offer dining service outdoors and with proper spacing between tables to allow for social distancing between all dinner parties. The City of Campbell is allowing restaurants to take up open spaces near them to set up additional tables to allow them to serve additional customers.

Even with the expanded outdoor seating, space is limited. You may be asked to observe a time limit for your table.

Not all of our restaurants have opened for dine-in service. Some remain pick-up, curbside, and delivery only. If you're not comfortable with dining out, you can still get your food for take-out and curbside.

Retail Shops Open

Most of our retailers have reopened, but many of them are only going with limited hours. Please be aware that there may be restrictions on what you will be permitted to do in the stores. You must have a face covering at all times when going to a business.

Dressing rooms at boutiques may be closed for safety reasons*. Please contact the boutique in advance to ask about their fitting room policy if you wish to try on items. Private shopping appointments are available at many shops if you ask about them and some even encourage it. There is a maximum number of people allowed into any store (employees included).

Even though many of our retailers are open, they're continuing to offer curbside delivery and online shopping too. Retailers are also allowed to expand out into normally restricted open spaces to allow them to offer merchandise from the sidewalk.

Uncertain Hours

We are all adjusting to the new normal. Nobody's done it quite like this before and so be aware that everyone's hours are subject to change without notice. We're trying to keep accurate hours for shops in our business directory and we will be publishing a page to give you easy reference to everyone's hours. For now, please contact them directly or find them in our business directory to confirm availability.

No Salons Yet

As of today, Salons have not been given permission to re-open yet.

Face Masks are Required

Face masks are required at all businesses except when...Read More

Survival Project Contest Period Extended to June 21st

Posted on June 14th, 2020 by DCBA

Hi everyone, the past couple of weeks really weren't good times to be reminding people of any kind of ongoing contest and we'll have 17 winners for this round of our monthly drawings so we're going to extend the current contest period out to June 21st.

You'll have one more week to enter to win our slate of prizes for this month:

To enter all you have to do is make a purchase at any business that's in our Business Directory and email your proof of purchase to [email protected].

Wear a Face Mask: Get More Entries

We need your help to encourage people to up their face masking game while they're in Downtown Campbell. Take a selfie of you anywhere in Downtown Campbell and post it to Instagram or Facebook.

On Instagram, you must tag @downtowncampbellca and tag it #VivaDTC.

On Facebook make sure you tag Downtown Campbell.

You can also email your photo to us at [email protected] if you would like us to share your photo. Just be sure to include all information needed so we can credit and tag your account as you wish.

Redemption Now Open Daily 11-7pm

Posted on June 14th, 2020 by REDEMPTION

CAMPBELL IS NOW OPEN EVERY DAY 11-7, no appointment needed! So thankful for our amazing staff who have been on standby and eagerly waiting to come back to work. We have rearranged our space to allow for social distancing and are so excited to have our doors open again! To everyone who made purchases or messaged us words of encouragement over these last 3 months, you are the reason we are still here! Your support has kept us going in a time with so much uncertainty and we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you, so from the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU! ?? Forever grateful, Tammy + Dave

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Gridley Company is open and ready to help you start your home remodel project! Call us at (408)374-0900 to schedule a Zoom consultation to meet one of our fabulous designers! We are now offering Zoom meetings and remote-friendly design services to safely design and build your dream home. Have questions about our new processes? Give us a call today! (408) 374-0900

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The Campbell Library isn't quite yet ready to take in its regular set of patrons, but they are open for limited service from Monday through Saturday. You can make hold requests for curbside delivery of books that you want from 1pm to 5pm. The building itself will not be open. Only curbside service is being offered.

Please Wear a Mask in Downtown Campbell

Posted on June 9th, 2020 by sheldon

Hi everyone. As we start taking baby steps back toward the life that we're used to, there's something we'd like you to do for us.

Please wear a mask.

Please wear a mask even if you're outdoors. Please wear one even if you're keeping your social distance. Please wear one even when you don't need to be wearing one.

When you're in Downtown Campbell, we need you to go above and beyond the normal guidelines for mask wearing and make a show of it. Doing so will encourage everyone to mask up when they come down here. As restrictions are loosened, some people are behaving like the pandemic is either over or on an indefinite holiday and that is terrifying to those of us who do not have the option of working from home.

It has already been a devastating year for all of our shops and getting sick would just multiply the misery. Most of our shops have cut their staffing down to the bare minimum. When there's no backup, even a mild course of illness could mean a complete and absolute shut down for two weeks.

Of course, for some of our shop keepers, the financial implications of getting sick is the least of their worries. We have our share of high risk people who shouldn't even be leaving their homes much less be opening a shop to the public.

Please wear a mask.

Please do it to protect us. Please do it to protect our progress toward recovery. Please do it to protect each other.

Tess Taco Tuesday. Chicken mole’ tacos dinner with two shredded chicken tacos, mole negro sauce, red cabbage, sautéed corn and poblano pepper topping. Cilantro rice and chips and freshly made salsa on the side plus a beer for $15

Also, Tessora's has begun offering limited seating patio dining on some nights, but we'll be open for takeout and delivery every night. If you want to dine outdoors on the Tessora's patio, please call to check on availability first. We'll have regular outdoor dining service soon. We're just getting things ready.

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Have you tried & Zinc and Sulphur Mask yet? A balance of zinc, sulphur, witch hazel, and eucalyptus work to calm and heal blemishes and minimize the outbreak of new ones. The mask is also an excellent spot treatment for occasional breakouts along the T-zone and chin line.

You can get this Zinc and Sulphur mask as well as other professional skin care products from ritual-spa.com through the ongoing sheltering in place.

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I hope there wasn't any doubt, but just in case, let's make it real clear where the Campbell Chamber (and Downtown Campbell) stands on Black Lives Matter. Nicholas Welzenbach, the President of the Campbell Chamber of Commerce and an ever present personality and volunteer in Downtown Campbell, just posted this to the Chamber's social media pages.

The Campbell Chamber of Commerce stands in support of Black Lives Matter. As an organization, we welcome and embrace diversity. Over the past few weeks, we have seen the community of Campbell come together in like-minded unity to help bring awareness to this important conversation.

The Chamber will continue to value, recognize, andd appreciate all individuals. We stand with you. #BlackLivesMatter

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Happy Besties Day!!! I am so excited to FINALLY open my new location at 401 E. Campbell Ave this Friday! It's literally next door to my old location.

Stay tuned for hours and the new protocol that I will have in place. Thank you for all the support these last couple months it means more then you know. ?

With the lifting of some retail restrictions lately, I've been unboxing a TON of new inventory this weekend to prepare for my opening on Friday, June 12th.

If you're interested in a private appointment please contact me. Masks will be required, but if you don't have one, don't worry. I will be selling some, just not this one.

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Virtual King Trivia - Play Online

Posted on June 9th, 2020 by Lvl Up

If you're missing your weekly King Trivia nights at Lvl Up, you can still have the trivia and the food that normally went with the King Trivia nights. Lvl Up is open for takeout, delivery, and "curbside dining" from 5pm to 9pm daily. Grab your food and drinks at Lvl Up then join King Trivia online at 7pm on the usual time on Sunday nights!

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Lvl Up has "Patio" Dining Now

Posted on June 9th, 2020 by Lvl Up

You can now enjoy your food and cocktails outside Lvl Up Campbell! As part of loosening restrictions on restaurants, the City of Campbell is permitting restaurants to provide tables to expand dining capacity in open areas.

Come enjoy your favorites while they are fresh. We still offer takeout and delivery from 5pm-9pm. Call 408.429.8472 ☎️ in advance or place your order at the door.

We highly recommend the Next Lvl Up Mac n Wings!

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Our Campbell location remains open 7 days a week for takeout and Doordash deliveries.

We have received many questions about when we will open for outdoor dining and for the time-being, we have decided to wait until indoor dining has been approved by the Health Department.

We hope you will continue supporting us during this time. Many customers are getting their favorite sushi dishes, cocktails, beer, sake and cupcakes to go, and finding a picnic spot to enjoy everything, or take it home for the family.

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In just over a week, we're going to pick a new round of winners in our monthly prize drawings for the Downtown Campbell Survival Project. Every time you buy something from a Downtown Campbell business that's listed in our Business Directory, we'll give you an entry into a monthly drawing for prizes.

Since all of our prizes this month are gift cards for food items, we thought we'd remind you of just some of the very delicious ways you can enter. Here are 14 things you can put on your dinner table this week or pick up as a snack that might earn you a little thank you prize for supporting us through the pandemic.

The upcoming drawing will be held on June 14th. To enter, you just have to email a proof of purchase to [email protected]. See the official contest page for other ways to enter and more details.

The current slate of prizes are: