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Campbell Love: The Great Restaurant Rebate of 2020

Posted on August 14th, 2020 by DCBA

We hope you're hungry because for the rest of the month of August, we're showing some Campbell Love.

Campbell Love is our great restaurant rebate of 2020 in Downtown Campbell. A bunch of our eateries have banded together to give you a discount of 10% off your food bill if you support one of their retail shop neighbors with a purchase of $25 or more. All you have to do is make a your purchase at one of the retail stores listed below between August 14th and 31st and show your receipt when placing your order at your eatery of choice.

Also, don't forget to send in a photo of both your retail receipt and your food receipt to enter our monthly prize drawings.

Please note, participants are subject to change without notice.

Did you know that we now have convenient 24-minute “Curbside Zones” setup along all of the cross streets to Downtown Campbell to make it easy for you to drop in and out to pick up orders, get curbside deliveries, or grab takeout? Look for these green signs that are placed on top of the normal parking signs.

We’ve also published a new parking map on downtowncampbell.com to help you understand your parking options with Campbell Ave closed to automobile traffic. Nearly all of the lots in Downtown Campbell are still accessible. You can get to them from the cross streets.

The main road is only closed to make more room for you to spread out in our more socially distanced downtown. Shops and eateries are open 7 days a week!

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The Road is Closed, but we're OPEN in Downtown Campbell

Posted on August 12th, 2020 by sheldon

Downtown Campbell IS OPEN 7-days a week. Don’t let our road closure fool you.

It’s only the road that’s closed to allow more room for pedestrians. We are open for shopping, curbside service, takeout orders, and outdoor dining. Weekday afternoons are pretty quiet so if you want to grab a peaceful lunch and pick up a few items without bumping into people we particularly recommend Wednesday thru Friday afternoons as the best times. Most shops and restaurants are open those times and foot traffic is light.

Be sure to take advantage of the special 24-minute Curbside Zones if you just want to do a quick drop in and out. Most parking lots around Downtown Campbell are still open.

Parking and Curbside Pick-up Zones in Downtown Campbell

Posted on August 11th, 2020 by DCBA

Here's an interactive map to help you understand the latest changes to your parking options in Downtown Campbell with the July 31st closure of the main strip to auto traffic. East Campbell Avenue is currently closed to through traffic, but the cross streets remain open to cars. Please note that some of the on-street parking on the cross streets are now reserved as 24-minute short term "Curbside Zones" for people picking up takeout orders and getting curbside delivery from shops.

Click on icons for more information about parking at that location.

Light blue rectangles indicate approximate area of 24-minute Curbside Zones.

Survival Project August 2020: Retail Extra Bonus Round

Posted on August 8th, 2020 by sheldon

We want you to enjoy the additional space we've made for you to shop in Downtown Campbell by giving you some extra rewards for doing some socially distanced shopping at our retail stores or for ordering from them online through our Sip Mall.

Here are the prizes on tap for the August 2020 round of our monthly prize giveaways:

Purchases must be made between Aug 8th and Sept 7th to qualify.

Special Retail Bonus for August 2020

Every purchase you make from that's over $25 from any business listed in the Retail category of our business directory is worth double points. You will get FOUR entries into the prize drawings for retail purchases made online or at the store. (Purchases under $25 are worth single entries.)

More Ways to Enter

There are additional ways to enter. Please see the Downtown Campbell Survival Project Page for full details about our monthly contests and learn more about how you can enter by sharing our social media or doing other things.

Amazing Wood Wall Art at Redemption

Posted on July 31st, 2020 by REDEMPTION

Humble brag: we are the first shop to carry Faith’s art! So happy I found her because her art really does speak to my soul. Still swoonin over this commissioned collection we received during shelter in place. I get so attached to every piece of artwork in our shop and when they find their forever homes a piece of my heart goes with it ✨

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As of July 31st, the main drag in Downtown Campbell between Ainsley Park and Third Street has been closed down to east/west traffic to allow all permitted businesses on East Campbell Avenue to expand their operations out into the street. Businesses located on East Campbell Avenue can expand outdoor business operations with an approved Encroachment Permit from the City of Campbell. Access to the public parking lot at Ainsley Park is open for curbside pick-up and public parking. More information is available on the City of Campbell's website.

If you like this no traffic setup you can help ensure its successful implementation by doing the following:

  • Support our retail businesses. Many of them take a hit when the street is closed.
  • Enjoy our outdoor dining options responsibly. Come with just your household members and keep your social distance with everyone else.
  • Wear a mask at all times except when you're eating or drinking.

Safety is going to be a large portion of whether this is judged to be successful. With the street closed to through traffic, there'll be more elbow room to allow you to get some fresh air in Downtown Campbell while keeping your social distance, but it's still going to be up to you to do the safe thing so the street closure can continue.

We're doing much better with masks these days, but there's still a lot of people who only wear their masks when they are absolutely required to. Please just wear it when you're anywhere on the main drag. It just makes life easier for everyone. It's just too easy to bump into people when there are people milling about Downtown Campbell and nobody wants to come down here so they can play dodge ball and be on constant alert for people who are walking around without a mask and not keeping their distance.

When you keep your mask on, everyone else can let their guards down a little and just enjoy their time out enjoying a few comforts. There are also a lot of people who are avoiding Downtown Campbell entirely because there are too many people without masks. We need people to feel safe in our downtown so our businesses can survive.

There's one weekend left in the "Beauty Round" of the Downtown Campbell Survival Project Prize Drawings. You have until the end of the day on Sunday, August 2nd to enter the July drawings to win one of five great prizes that you can take advantage of once beauty salons are allowed to re-open again.

The main prize for the July drawings is 3 hours of Electrolysis Hair Removal from All Bodies Welcome Hair Removal ($360 value) and we have four runner up prizes of $50 gift certificates for services at Ritual Day Spa. See our July Survival Project Contest Post for more details.

Starting this week on Tuesday, July 28th E. Campbell Ave. in Downtown Campbell will be closed in the east-west direction to through traffic to open up additional outdoor space for socially distanced outdoor dining and shopping (but remember to wear your masks). You'll have more opportunities to support Downtown Campbell businesses and win a nice beauty prize for yourself.

The cross-streets to E. Campbell Ave. will not be closed and will remain open for people who want to continue taking advantage of takeout and curbside pick-up.

We have some exciting news. The street closure that many of you have asked for is finally going to happen in Downtown Campbell. The closure will start on Tuesday, July 28th and last for at least two weeks. After two weeks, the move will be re-evaluated and adjusted as needed.

Once the closure commences, any business with a storefront on E. Campbell Ave. will be allowed to expand up to halfway out into the street. There will be more room for restaurants to setup outdoor tables and retailers can move merchandise into outside tables as well.

The road closure only affects traffic traveling east/west on E. Campbell Ave. All of the cross streets will remain open to through traffic and parking spaces on the cross streets will be reserved for curbside pick-up and short term parking for those coming downtown to grab takeout orders. Most of the parking lots in Downtown Campbell will remain accessible.

All businesses must continue to comply with all state and county mandated Covid-19 safety practices. Tables cannot be any closer than 10 feet to allow people sitting at each table to remain at least six feet away from their closest neighbors. Alcoholic drinks can only be sold with meals and must be consumed on location.

Masks are required at all times except when eating or drinking. This includes when you're waiting in line, placing an order, or spending a few minutes enjoying the evening after dinner.

We want to do this, but only if it can be done without sacrificing public safety or the safety of our own crews. If you enjoy having more outdoor dining and shopping, it's up to you to help us keep this going. If people act like this is a festival and see it as an excuse to not wear a mask and ignore social distancing, expect this experiment to be pulled back once the two-week trial has passed.

Opening the street for business use and pedestrian traffic should help reduce congestion on the sidewalks, but it may get crowded at times so face masks are required.

Hello friends. Does anyone know this upstanding young lady in the security cam photos at Bombshell Boutique?

We just wanted to remind her that she needs to wear a mask when shopping in our stores and that it's so very very not nice to steal. If you know her, please ask her if she'd be oh so kind to return the items that she didn't pay for.

First she refused to wear a mask. Then she did so begrudgingly when provided with a disposable one. Perhaps she thought that just because the mask was free, all six items she left with must have been free too.

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Relay for life would have taken place this past weekend on July 11th and 12th at the Campbell Community Center. This year, the annual event took place virtually as the relayers continued working to raise money for the fight against cancer while sheltered in place.

If you missed this event, you can chip in a donation still. You can find a team that you want to support through the Relay for Life website or you can choose to make a donation in the name of Relay for Life Campbell.

Relayers, feel free to post shout outs and links to your fundraising pages on this Facebook post if you have anything to share with the community.

See below for photos from last year's RFL event.

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Ugh, so it turns out that winter's not over for some of our bears. Our salons, spas, and fitness studios are going to need to return to hibernation after all of this excitement. They'll have to shut down again starting on Wednesday, July 15th so if you have an appointment on Tuesday, it's still valid unless they called you to cancel.

Naturally, we're disappointed, but safety comes first and if Santa Clara County Public Health and the State of California saw something that forced them to reverse course, we know it wasn't a decision taken lightly. We moved ahead under the approval of the public health department and now we're stepping back under the guidance of public health.

Please remember that today's order only affects the businesses that were permitted to resume today so it doesn't affect outdoor dining or our retail shops. Remember that you can always support our restaurants and retailers with curbside and takeout. Be safe and remember to wear a mask when you come down here.

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In these very strange days, both of these opposing realities seem true: every day is Groundhog's Day and things are changing so fast you're not sure what to do.

Control what you can control. Stay centered. Don't get too high or too low.

It's easy to say and hard to do, but it's important enough that it bears repeating. Don't get too high and don't get too low. Stay centered. Control what you can.

Dream small if that's all that's within reach, but work up to something more when you feel up for it. Maybe that's tomorrow. Maybe that's in a year. Just keep in mind what you want your life to look like when this too passes.

Thank you to Murray Ellis (IG: @skydio2_in_cali) for this great sky video of Downtown Campbell winding down after another day.


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