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Deb Rohzen has been around here so long, she's an institution. On top of the Covid-19 economy, she's also recovering from a (mild) stroke. She will make a full recovery and her boutique isn't going anywhere, but she'll need to slow down for a few months to do some rehabilitation and build her strength back up.

This GoFundMe campaign is for both Deb and her shop, Simply Smashing Boutique. It's for both because there's just no way to separate Deb from Simply Smashing and vice versa. They've been conjoined twins ever since she opened up shop in 2000.

I know there's a lot of GoFundMe's going around and it gets overwhelming, but please take a moment to look at this one if you have the means to help.

Remember to email proof of donation of $25 or more to [email protected] to enter our monthly drawings for prizes to thank you for supporting our merchants through this very difficult time.

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Warm weather calls for beers ? and sake bombs ?! Order your beer and sake to-go and make your own happy hour at home!

Order from Sushi Confidential's full menu for take-out or delivery. Add some sake to keep it Japanese or pick up some brews from Strike Brewing Co. or Cocktails from Los Gatos Soda Works. For dessert, grab a pack of cupcakes from Frost Cupcake Factory!

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Dance Effects teaches skills to its young dancers to become better dancers and resilient young adults. During the pandemic, their dance lessons have gone virtual over zoom and some of the pep-talks about rising above failure are reinforced over social media.

Dance Effects: Every single person on this planet makes mistakes. It's what we do after we make them that matters. Do you give up, pretend like nothing happened, own up, or try again? We can learn to make good choices after a mistake. What would you do?

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If you can be anything in this world, please be kind. If you can't be kind then maybe you need to be a Unicorn! We can help you make that a possibility.

Start off with purging your old self with Unicorn Barf sour candy and Unicorn Yak Soda. Are you tasting the rainbow yet? If not, you'll also get Skittles, Starbursts and Krispy Kreme jellybeans with sprinkles.

Then complete your transformation into the better you with the included unicorn headband, unicorn bobble head, unicorn key chain, and unicorn finger puppet.

All of this is surrounded by gummy butterflies and cup cake jelly bellies and it's packed up in a nice therapeutic box for just $50! It's so much cheaper than therapy therapy.

Only at Rocket Fizz Campbell... I may need another hit of that Unicorn Yak.

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Cheers to thirsty Thursday! Come in and grab one of our new beers Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager and ask about our collection of craft beers! This Lager is ultra crisp, refreshing and very balanced. It has a slight tartness with light lime bitterness and a refreshing, drying character.

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All right, I am calling in the Drill Sargent of Positive Energy, we have a situation here! (That is correct THE Bob Ross was in fact a Drill Sargent)

As tribute we have the Bob Ross Box! You get a Positive Energy Drink along with Happy little Tree mints. Plus you get 2 Bob Ross pins so you can take your "Ross-i-tude" with you as you go. I threw in some Dots, because painting's just a bunch of dots, sometimes connected together. How about a Mountain Bar and a Rocky Road to paint a scenic view with a cobble stone path? There's a Zero bar because there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

You'll also get a random Pez just as a surprise, cause who doesn't like a nice surprise? Lastly there's a Hula Girl Air Freshener because Hula Girls simply make people... see your smiling and I didn't even say it yet.

You can have all this fun from Rocket Fizz Campbell for only $35. Message Rocket Fizz on FB or call the shop at 408-370-1510 to order!

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Rita's Italian Ice in Downtown Campbell closed down for a while, but they're open again now that the weather's getting warmer. They're open for take-out or delivery.

Please see their website for their daily list of flavors and check out their Sweet Deals page on their website for some popular options among the quarantined crowd. They've got family sized deals that you can pick up or have delivered right to your door through Doordash, Postmates, or Grubhub.

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Willard Hicks $50 Appetizer Package

Posted on April 21st, 2020 by Willard Hicks

Appetizers for dinner? There are no rules! Take a look at our S.I.P. Cocktail Specials on our website and call us at 408.374.5000 to place an order for curbside pickup... it's like happy hour at your house!

WH Iron Skillet Poblano Cornbread
Roasted poblano peppers, sweet creamed corn come together to make our killer cornbread, drizzled with a jalapeño honey butter. yum.

Pork Belly Bites
Hoisin chili garlic, shallot and apple slaw, fresno chilis, soy glaze.

Calamari Steak
Seasoned flour, garlic herb oil, lemon aioli, house made spicy cocktail sauce.

Our Street Tacos
Your choice of steak, rock shrimp, or seared ahi tuna, thai napa cabbage slaw, onion strings, ginger cilantro lime aioli.

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Remember to Enter our Monthly VivaDTC Prize Drawings!

Posted on April 19th, 2020 by sheldon

If you're getting take-out in Downtown Campbell, remember to email a copy of your purchase to [email protected] and we'll reward you with an entry into monthly Downtown Campbell Survival Project drawings for prizes.

This month's prizes are six $50 gift cards of your choice to any business in our gift card directory.

If you need some restaurant suggestions, check out our Shelter-in-Place Dining Guide for a list of some of your restaurant options in Downtown Campbell.

If you've reached the stage in the pandemic where you've finished reading the Internet, the next level is getting an associates degree in root beerology. Great! Where do I sign up?

Rocket Fizz Campbell, CA has this excellent study at home course for the budding root beerologist. It's the Root Beer sampler case that comes with 24 different root beers for $50.

They also have all sorts of other gift boxes available for curbside pickup and you can always call them and tell them what you'd want in a custom gift box.

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Cheers to Saturday! Do you have a bottle of wine or beer you have been looking forward too? Why not uncork something special just because you deserve it! Pop in and grab something special or message us and we can help you find the perfect line up.

This Rabble Wine from Paso Robles is a delicious Cab to enjoy with food or on its own.

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The Bay Area mom-and-pop shop you know and love, has finally entered into the digital world. We're adding items to our online shop every single day!

We have jewelry made in the USA, baby gifts, and loads of puzzles + games to keep you entertained. And that’s just a fraction of it. Please visit our new online store at www.therapystores.com.

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As difficult as it has been for us to keep our doors open during this challenging time, those in healthcare are fighting an even bigger battle on the front lines for all of us so we're going to try to do what we can to give back to them.

This past week ending on Wednesday, April 15th, we had a "Get One Give One" special. For every pizza sold, we gave one to healthcare workers who are fighting for our communities. The program was a huge success and we'll now be donating 1,000 pizzas to our masked heroes at local hospitals around the Bay Area.

We're not done yet. Please help us keep the meals of gratitude going by donating to our GoFundMe to deliver more pizzas to healthcare workers. Every $10 donated will feed another masked hero on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Hope you are all safe and healthy. We are still open here at The Olive Bar with CONTACT-LESS payment over the phone and FREE local deliveries also offering CURBSIDE PICK-UP at the store. We now are going beyond the Covid-19 guidelines and have purchased a steam machine to sterilize the store and products going out.

We thank you for your orders and the support.

The Olive Bar's current hours are:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays: 10am-5:00pm
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays: 10am-3:00pm
  • Saturdays: 9:00am-Noon
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