Oriental Beauty Oolong (Bai Hao Wu Long) also known as White Tip: cultivated around Beipu in the Hsin Zhu District of Taiwan.

This is a heavily oxidized oolong (50-70%) that is not roasted. What makes it special is an insect, the leafhopper (Jacobiasca formosana), that eats the leaves. This stems the growth of the leaves and also changes the color of the leaf to a parma-violet tint. After the leaves are dried, the edges turn white where the insect has gnawed on them. Because of the change in chemical composition, the resulting notes are woody and fruity after oxidization. It is possible to count dozens of notes.

The leaves are plucked only in summer, when the insect is active. No pesticides are allowed anywhere in the vicinity because of the value of the leafhopper. In 2006, a Jin (21 oz.) of Oriental Beauty sold for nearly 50,000 Euros!

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Hello! I felt a reintroduction was in order since our grand reopening last month. If we haven’t met yet, I’m Elise, Mama to two wonderful children & Owner/Maker/Buyer/Salesperson and chief executive Janitor of this little brick & mortar shop we call Stripes.

This year has been a complete blur of ups and downs, growth and doubts, but I’m so proud of how far we’ve come! Our mission to bring you hand crafted goods since 2012 has strengthened over the years and we are proud to be stocking all American made brands and creators of small batch baby & children’s fashion and accessories, with the new addition of eco friendly toys and decor.

We love your feedback and truly appreciate every single person who walks through our doors. Let us know what you’re looking for!

This labor of love is a huge piece of myself and my family, with the support of our community, friends, customers and fellow business owners that make us feel worthy.

Thank you all for being a part of it! I hope to see you soon

Headshot magic by @d_lillian { P.S. So grateful for the experience & memories of @mthrco retreat 2018 where this photo was taken #mthrgoestocamp }

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LvL Up is now Open Until Midnight Daily!

Posted on November 7th, 2018 by Lvl Up

Thank you for all your feedback and support in the past six months! In honor of our half year anniversary in Downtown Campbell, we’re announcing new LVL UP Campbell hours! 

LvL Up is now open until midnight every day! Extended Hours = Extended Play.

Please ask us about our group reservation and special event bookings. Email us at [email protected]....Read More

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