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What better way to offer comfort to the 'shelter In place' friends and relatives than to send them some wonderful teas to enjoy with their favorite book or TV show?

The wide world of teas that you can get at Steepers in Downtown Campbell can also be ordered online for delivery.

Check out the large selection of teas at:

Free shipping for all orders over $50....Read More

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Spread Deli and Bottles is open daily from 11:30am to 1:30pm for carry-out and delivery service during the Covid-19 shutdown. Thanks for your overwhelming support! We recommend preordering online at spreaddeli.com or downloading our mobile app by texting SPREAD to 33733. Orders from our website are powered by ChowNow and allow you to tip our staff directly!

Remember, you can also grab your favorite beers from us with carry-out orders! We're still doing our Happy Four Pack Friday specials and we just got new arrivals from Alvarado Street Brewery.

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News flash! We can now do email orders! Just contact us with your book wish list at [email protected], and we will check our in stock inventory!

We take Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. Shipping is a flat $4.50 flat no matter how many books you buy.

You can also place orders for gift cards by emailing us or leaving us a message at 1-408-370-3514.

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‪We fully recognize that everyone is currently weathering the storm. Right now is a hard time to ask for your help- however our hourly employees & their families could use assistance. All donors to our LVL UP Employee GoFundMe Fund will receive a LVL UP Campbell 20% OFF card to use when we're open again.

Currently all of our employees have no source of income with us being closed and most of them live paycheck to paycheck. They are making no money during the time that we are closed. This amount is our standard two week payroll. We are hoping to raise funds to split between them all to give them some financial relief during this unprecedented pandemic until some degree of government assistance can come in to make sure they can feed their families, pay their bills, and not get kicked out of their houses.

Any donations are welcome. As a thank you, we will mail you one of our Campbell industry cards. Show this card any time you come in and get 20% of any purchases for yourself every time in the future.‬

Thank you in advance for your support. ?

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Hello to all of our friends who are sheltering in place. Things are so far from normal, that we can't even talk about the "new normal" because we're all still trying to find it. What hasn't changed is that some of our businesses are still hustling and coming up with ways of getting the things you like to you even if we're not able to greet you.

Downtown Campbell and Sushi Confidential Campbell were recently featured in an ABC7 News story on what businesses were doing to survive the quarantine. Sushi Confidential has been hard at work in transitioning their dine-in restaurant to operate as a pick-up and delivery food service. They're taking advantage of their outdoor seating area and are using it allow for safe food pick-ups. They've also partnered with familiar friends in Frost Cupcake Factory and Strike Brewing Co. so you can grab a dozen cupcakes and a 4-pack of local craft beers to help you shelter in style.

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Max has been a busy boy and he's showing us all how to shelter in style. He finally had the time to read Where the Wild Things Are. He also received a doggie visitor (who kept a 6 foot distance) and got his favorite Frost Cupcakes at Sushi Confidential's safe food pick-up table. He was still hungry so he ordered Blue Line Pizza for take out later.

Sheltering in place hasn't been all "life of a cat" for Max though. He's mad that he can’t have his customary second breakfast right after his first breakfast and he misses his adoring fans. He keeps active by kicking a ball around, but it's just so he can get the treats out of them. There's also this mouse thing. He's not sure what that's for so it's back to the ball. He knows there's a mother lode of food in the shop, but he hasn't figured out the magic commands to open the containers.

By the way, Max wants you to know that you can phone order gift certificates by calling Recycle Bookstore at 1-408-370-3514 and leaving a message.

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Over the next few weeks, children’s author Mo Willems is hosting a daily video program called Lunch Doodle. Viewers worldwide can draw, doodle or explore new ways of writing and drawing, by virtually visiting Mo’s studio.

You can tune in to Lunch Doodle every weekday at 1 pm EST (10 am PST).

Willems, the Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence, is the creator of popular characters such as The Pigeon, Elephant and Piggie and Knuffle Bunny. We have his eBooks and Audiobooks available on Overdrive.

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Free meals are available to students in Santa Clara County from now until April 3. This blog post explains what parents or caregivers need to know about the ‘grab and go’ pick process.

The schedule and sites of this program are subject to change. Please check before going.

These are the pickup sites in the Campbell area:

CAMPBELL SCHOOL DISTRICT: Pick up from 11 am – 12 pm
Blackford Elementary, Capri Elementary, Castlemont Elementary, Lynhaven Elementary, Rosemary Elementary, Sherman Oaks Elementary, Monroe Middle

CAMPBELL UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT: Pick up from 11:30 am – 1 pm
Boynton High, Branham High, Del Mar High, Leigh High, Prospect High, Westmont High

MORELAND SCHOOL DISTRICT: Curbside Pick up from 11 am – 1 pm
Anderson Elementary, Payne Elementary

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In accordance with the guidelines provided by the County Public Health Department for social distancing and banning public gatherings, SCCLD is closing all public library locations, starting today at 3 pm. The closure is a necessary step being taken to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

"Closing public libraries is an extraordinary measure and a decision that is not taken lightly," says Jennifer Weeks, Acting County Librarian. "The decision to close is driven by our first priority—protecting the public and our staff’s health and safety."

A tentative reopening date is April 12, in line with the Santa Clara County School District plans to reopen following spring break. SCCLD recommends patrons hold onto physical library materials on loan until efforts to contain the virus are lifted and the libraries reopen. No late fees will be assessed during the closed period. The library has many online library services available through the website.

These include things you may not expect to find, including online storytimes, study resources for students studying from home, online homework help, streaming movies, Great Courses and much more. The library also has a robust collection of eBooks, audiobooks, streaming music, TV and videos, research and articles, eMagazines and news— available for every age and interest.

For those who do not have a library account, if you live within the Library District, including Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Milpitas, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill, Saratoga, or any of the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County, you can apply for an eCard from the website. If approved, the eCard gives you instant access to the entire online library.

The Library District on Friday cancelled all April events, in addition to those for this month. For the latest information, please go to sccld.org

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Sushi Confidential fans, there's a great way you can help your favorite sushi spot get through the pandemic shutdown and get a little bonus reward for yourself. Just buy a $100 gift card that you can use to order yourself some delicious sushi for pick-up or for delivery to your chosen hideout and you'll get $20 in bonus credit that you can use for dine-in service once the shelter-in-place order has been lifted.

You can take advantage of this offer in person or you can purchase a gift card online through April 30th, 2020. If you buy it online, hang on to the receipt. You will need to show that to redeem your $20 dine-in credit in the future.

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Did you hear? Sushi Confidential is in the news again, this time with the The Mercury News.

Silicon Valley businesses bracing for impact and Sushi Con is one of them.

“But what about all those mom-and-pop businesses?” Mahood asked. “That’s who many of us are most worried about because those businesses are the businesses that make up Main Street, USA, Main Street, San Jose

Randy Musterer, the owner of Sushi Confidential, is one of those businesses.

“We’re coming out of the winter months. November, December, January, February — a lot of times those can be even losing months for restaurants,” he said. “And March, April, May, June, July, that’s when we start bringing in a lot of the money to build up the nest egg to get through the winter time. And a lot of people probably used that up hoping for this beautiful spring.”

But there are some bright spots amid the losses, too. Sushi Confidential, he said, has partnered with other local businesses — including Frost Cupcake Company and Strike Brewing Co. — to try to help them stay afloat. Now people can order cupcakes or beer through Sushi Confidential."

And now we're working with Los Gatos Soda Works now too! Get your favorite cocktails to go when ordering food.

We greatly appreciate the way our community has come together to support our restaurant as well as so many others. All small businesses thank you for this, especially us!

Sushi Randy

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Here in Downtown Campbell, a number of our restaurants in are switching from being dine-in restaurants to take-out and food delivery services. After being quarantined, you're really starting to yearn for a taste of your former life, but you hesitate because you're not sure if it's safe to do so.

Is it safe to eat take-out food during the Covid-19 pandemic?

While it's up to you to make the final call on this, we quote some reputable sources in saying that take-out food and food delivery is safe to consume. The Covid-19 virus is a respiratory virus that's predominantly transmitted through inhaling respiratory droplets emitted by infected individuals. The chance of transmission through food is unlikely and there have been no known incidences of Covid-19 transmission from eating food. There have also been no known incidences of SARS (close cousin of Covid-19) transmission through food.

The food itself may be a low risk, but encountering other people on your way to receiving your food is not a low risk so please be mindful of how much distance you are giving other people including the people who are working to get you your orders. Remember, we're not just concerned for your safety, we're also concerned about ours as well. Please stay six feet away and absolutely do not leave your home if you are sick.


Alex Hult, the Founder & CEO of Flights Restaurant Group, is asking you to help #FeedTheNeed, an effort he's leading to cook and deliver family style meals to elderly and needy families during the Covid-19 outbreak and support restaurant workers at the same time. Flights Restaurants is working with local service groups to distribute the meals to those who need them.

Donate to FeedTheNeed

Each meal feeds a family of 6 people. These ready-to-serve family meals are also available for curbside pick-up at the Flights Restaurant location at 165 Los Gatos-Saratoga Road in Los Gatos.

If you know a family in need, have them email ([email protected]) or call Flights at (408) 354-3434. Flights in Campbell is closed during the shutdown, but their Los Gatos location will be doing food deliveries through DoorDash.

Thank you for helping to #FeedTheNeed.

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Santa Clara County Shelter in Place Order Issued

Posted on March 16th, 2020 by DCBA

The Santa Clara County Department of Public Health has issued a shelter in place warning for all of Santa Clara County. Starting on Tuesday, March 17th, only "essential" businesses are permitted to remain open. At the moment this includes delivery and pick-up service from restaurants, but all bars, pubs, and establishments offering dine-in services will not be allowed to operate.

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2020 Bunnies and Bonnets Parade Canceled

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by DCBA

It is with great sadness that the event coordinators of the 22nd annual “Bunnies and Bonnets” Easter Parade announce the cancellation of this year’s parade. The organizations and individual volunteers who work together to put the “Bunnies and Bonnets” parade together must follow the most recent guidelines by the California governor regarding events with 250 or more people and potential spread of COVID-19. There is no higher priority than the health and safety of those in our community.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to seeing you in April 2021!

-Downtown Campbell Business Association, The Home Church, West Valley Rotary Community Corps, Campbell Parks and Rec Foundation

Questions: Brooke Ramirez, [email protected]

Every year, as part of the Celebrate Campbell Awards Dinner event, the Campbell Chamber of Commerce invites us (Downtown Campbell Business Association) to name a person to honor for their contributions to our little fun village of Downtown Campbell in the previous year.

This year, we cheated. We couldn't narrow it down to just one person to give the award to. Our persons of the year for 2019 are Michael Sanders and Mark Thornton. They're a couple of regulars of the Downtown Campbell scene by way of their affiliation with the Home Church.

The Home Church is one of the community organizations that has quietly worked alongside the Downtown Campbell Business Association to help us run many of the events happening in Downtown Campbell, but Michael and Mark have done far more than just show up to help us check tickets and direct traffic. They've gone the extra mile out of love for their community to help make Downtown Campbell the place that it is.

Michael Sanders is the Facilities Manager and IT Manager of the Home Church and can come close to outrunning Usain Bolt if you tell him that you're taking his photo (despite a broken foot). He's been at the Home Church for over 20 years and we've been quite familiar with him for most of those years. His friends attest to his great sense of compassion for those around him, good humor, and his amazing singing voice.

Mark Thornton is a leader and volunteer at the Home Church who's very much a hands on kind of person no matter what it is. He loves working with his hands and is an avid gardener, cook, and nature lover. He's hands on with teenagers and loves working with them to shape the character of young adults. His friends speak warmly of how reliable and sensitive he is in difficult situations.

The Downtown Campbell Business Association is very grateful to these two men and the Home Church for all of their support over the years. We are so proud to name these two gentlemen as our persons of the year for 2019 and we will be celebrating their contributions to the community this weekend at the 52nd Annual Celebrate Campbell Awards dinner.

BTW, both of these men are dog people. Can you tell?

Friends Don't Let Friends Spread Germs

Posted on March 9th, 2020 by sheldon

Undoubtedly, you know there's this Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus thing going around. Regardless of how you feel about the risks of it, we have one thing to ask of you. Please stay home if you're sick.

It doesn't matter if you truly only have a cold and can back it up with laboratory test results. People on the street won't see it as trivial. Anyone who appears to be spreading germs in Downtown Campbell is going to discourage people from coming here. Downtown Campbell remains open for business as it always is, but things aren't normal. We'll eventually find a new normal, but we are going to need help from our loyal community to get there sooner.

You can start by making sure that all of your friends understand that FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS SPREAD GERMS. Downtown Campbell is a very social place. You come here to celebrate birthdays, retirements, bachelorette parties, and last nights in town. If you're going to hit the town with friends here, please do us a solid and remind your entire crew to stay away if they're sick or even think they might be coming down with something. Make sure your friends know you'll forgive them if they have to back out.

Even under the best of circumstances, operating a small business is a monumental challenge. In most cases, it's not something any sane person will want to do to make money. You do it because it's who you are. You do it because there's something about it that you just love, but it's still a struggle. Challenging times are coming and we will need your help. Start by keeping all of us more healthy.

We're sure you've heard plenty about the Covid-19 "novel coronavirus". We're going to post some links for you as a public service announcement. Local governments are acting urgently to to enact precautions with public health and safety in mind. There is a lot of information being shared out there about this and some of it is of questionable value.

If you are trying to understand what Covid 19 is and how it affects you, please start with these three websites. For the most relevant local level information affecting Santa Clara County, we especially recommend that you check the Santa Clara County Public Health Department's Coronavirus page or social media accounts for updates.

The Covid 19 Coronavirus is a fast moving topic and official news sources may not be able to keep up with the latest developments, but please use these official information sources to judge the accuracy of things that you read online.

This Place Matters: The Arnott House

Posted on March 5th, 2020 by susanblake

The featured landmark home this month is the Ed Arnott House at 155 Alice Avenue. Built in 1922, this house is a fine example of the Craftsman/California Bungalow style with many character defining features. It has a broad, closed veranda style porch supported by brick and stone pillars and unusual stacked wooden brackets at the top. An additional open porch can be seen on the west side of the house. Its low-pitched roof is supported by projecting eaves and exposed roof rafter tails. Large transom style windows frame the front door with many small divided- light, casement windows on either side of the chimney and the side porch. The house also has a small finished basement.

The current owners said that they found several old-double hung windows along with heavy weights in the basement when they started their renovation efforts. The original front door went missing over the years and when they bought the home in 2012, the existing hollow core front door was in bad shape and unsafe, with gaps that let light and wind through it. They replaced it with a new, solid fir door in the Craftsman/Bungalow style that matches interior molding woodwork.

The Peter Paul Arnott and Son’s Lumber Yard was one of the early 1900’s businesses in downtown Campbell. Along with lumber, Peter and his son Ed helped provide cement building blocks for foundations, chimneys and basements. They were kept busy as the newly created downtown business district on East Campbell Avenue grew rapidly. (See photo)

However, on October 27, 1917, a disastrous fire quickly swept through the downtown community and destroyed many buildings including the house of E.A. Arnott according to Jeanette Watson’s book, ‘CAMPBELL the Orchard City’. Although not much is known about the Arnotts, one can surmise that the Ed Arnott House on Alice Avenue was built using materials that were readily available from the family’s business.

Alice Avenue, now part of a historic district, was created in 1915 on a portion of the site of fruit drying yards owned by the George E. Hyde Company, a canning and fruit dehydrating plant occupying 17 acres in Campbell. This residential subdivision named “Hyde Residential Park” was built primarily for housing cannery workers, though George and Alice Hyde (the Street’s namesake) resided there too.

Photo courtesy of Campbell Museums.

Campbell Avenue looking east at the corner of First Street, 1905-1910. On the right side of the street is the newly constructed Odd Fellows Hall, Peter Arnott’s residence (with palm trees) and Al Smith’s Auto Shop where the fire started that wiped out the entire block of buildings.

Want to learn more about Campbell’s Historic buildings? There’s a free app for that. Search for: Historic Campbell, available for both Android and Apple.

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