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This past weekend on June 13th and 14th, Zoe Miller participated in a fundraiser for the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research one cup of lemonade at a time. Her lemonade stand was located outside of Recycle Bookstore for several hours each day. The goal was to raise $400 from the two day event. Her eventual tally totaled up to $1030.82. WOW!

Downtown Campbell salutes your efforts, Zoe!

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Second Saturdays June 2015 Video Capsule

Posted on June 13th, 2015 by sheldon

Did you miss 2nd Saturdays in Downtown Campbell today? We can't bring it all to you, but there's a 4 minute video capsule of the musical entertainment we had lined up on the Ave today.

You'll want to play it with sound.

  • BiPolar Bears cover Friday I'm in Love by the Cure
  • Pat Nevins does a mean Neil Young
  • P.S. Acoustic Duo gets help with Sweet Caroline

The P.S. Acoustic Duo part starting at 1:35 is a lot of fun.

The Olive Bar: Olive Oil and Balsamic Tasting Events

Posted on June 13th, 2015 by DCBA

In addition to offering a wide variety of extra virgin olive oils, aged balsamic vinegars, and organic virgin coconut oil, The Olive Bar is happy to book a private group tasting event at our store for your next gathering of friends, associates, clients, etc. Learn why extra virgin olive oil is so healthy for us and find out if you like a mild olive oil, a medium bodied one, or the robust like the Europeans! Our experienced staff will share ideas of how to pair olive oil and balsamics, and you can taste the pairing and experiment.

Book a group workshop, bring a few appetizers and some wine, and have a party at our shop - it’s fun! Call the store's manager, Didi, to book one of these events now: 408-370-1901 or [email protected]

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KWENCH Juice Now Open in Downtown Campbell

Posted on June 12th, 2015 by sheldon

Treat your body well and your body will treat you well. The objective of KWENCH is to provide a fresh, healthy drink, free of additives. They are NOW OPEN in Downtown Campbell with their second location.

428 E. Campbell Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

KWENCH Juice was inspired by the founder's struggle to provide fresh healthy and nutritious juices for her father who was terminally ill with cancer and could not ingest solid food. Unable to find juices made from freshly cut fruits and free of preservatives and other additives, she began to prepare her own juices to give her father the healthier alternatives she was unable to find.

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Things are changing in Campbell and there's a chance for Campbell residents to be heard about how we stay rooted in our strong community traditions while also being a vibrant modern place to live, work, and play.

On June 16 at 6pm, the Campbell City Council and the Planning Commission will be holding a joint study session to discuss mixed use construction in Downtown Campbell. This discussion will also be televised and viewable at a later time.

Topics that will be covered include the bar/restaurant to retail ratio and ideas that can make an already thriving Downtown even better.

The session will take place on June 16th starting at 6pm in the Campbell City Council Chambers. The public is invited to attend. This is an ongoing discussion. You can find meeting minutes from past sessions here:

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A Summer of Change for DowntownCampbell.com

Posted on June 6th, 2015 by sheldon

As you might have noticed, the photos in the masthead for DowntownCampbell.com have finally changed after being the same for far too long. This is just the start of some welcome updates that you'll be seeing to this website throughout the course of this summer and into the fall.

The screenshot that we've attached to this post is what the DowntownCampbell.com website looked like in 2004. That was the first generation of downtowncampbell.com in its current format as a collaborative platform with news and information from many different businesses and community interests.

Much has changed in Downtown Campbell since those days. It's hard to believe, but in 2004, Downtown Campbell was still a place where you went if you were trying to score a find on an antique or you wanted to pick up rodeo wear. For 2004 and for many years after that, the Downtown Campbell website was rather advanced. It's worked well, but it's time to catch up with the times and again be the kind of site that other districts want to copy.

A lot of changes have already been made under the hood over the past six months and soon you'll start to see more noticeable new additions that will help us create a more unified experience of Downtown Campbell between the website and its various social media properties. You might not be able to tell from just looking at the website, but we have active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for those who prefer to get their information one way or another.

This will take time though. Despite appearances, Downtown Campbell doesn't have a big operating budget. We're the "Little District that Could." We're run by volunteers and people doing things in their spare time. Everyone punches above their weight to make all of this happen. That's ok with us though. This is one of the reasons why we are what we are.

If you have any suggestions for improvements that you'd like us to take into account, please email us at [email protected].

We've Got the Warriors Games on in Downtown Campbell

Posted on May 8th, 2015 by sheldon

Warriors fans we've got the game on in Downtown Campbell! Throughout the 2015 NBA Playoffs, you can come Downtown and keep up with the latest action at many of our restaurants, bars, and shops. Here's just a partial list of places that will have the game on. Some places may not have audio on.

Khartoum (Bar)
Special: Buy a $10 Warriors glass and draft beers are 1/2 off during Warriors games!

Tessora's Barra di Vino (Wine Bar)

Spread (Deli)

Liquid Bread (Gastropub)
Sound on in back patio seating only.

El Guapo's (Restaurant)

Willard Hicks (Restaurant)

Opa's (Restaurant)

The Socialight (Restaurant)

Blue Line Pizza (Restaurant)

Campbell Brewing Company (Brewpub)

The Spot (Bar / Nightclub)

Update on Sundown Cinema in Downtown Campbell for 2015

Posted on May 5th, 2015 by sheldon

This is Sheldon Chang, one of the organizers of Sundown Cinema. I’ve been putting off writing this message because it’s not the message that I wanted to be writing at this time of year.

We’re going to be without summer movies in Downtown Campbell for another year. The reason this year is mostly due to personal reasons for me. Sundown Cinema is a huge commitment as an organizer and I wouldn't be able to fulfill the role I would need to fill to make it happen and happen in a way that I want it to. This is especially the case since we would need to get used to running the movies series in a new location.

I can’t really say one way or another what the possibility for summer movies looks like next summer except that it’s something I still very much want to see happen and something that my co-organizer, Jim Aspinwall, would like to see happen. We face some pretty stiff challenges in getting the movies rolling again, but the desire is still there so we're not ready to say we're done yet.

A number of people have asked how they could help to increase the chances that we'll be able to do this next year. The main thing that we're missing are people who have the skills and the commitment to help with the technical end of things. These are things like setting up and running the sound and projection. The ability to commit for at least five or even all ten weeks of our usual ten week run is very important. It doesn't do us much good to have a core person drop in for one or two nights.

We'll also need to restock our list of volunteers for all positions so if you might be able to help as a greeter, concessions person, clean-up person, etc.; I'd like to invite you to sign up for the Sundown Cinema mailing list. When we want to call for volunteers, we'll hit up that email list to see what we've got.

The list of volunteers also extends to replacing or sharing the duties for both me and Jim. I'm the event organizer and administrative lead. Jim Aspinwall is the tech lead. If the idea of being one of our main organizers appeals to you, let us know directly at [email protected].

This will be our third summer without movies after there were nine straight years of a full summer movie schedule between us and the original organizer of Sundown Cinema. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that the stars line up right next year.

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Simply Smashing Super Sale!

Posted on May 1st, 2015 by SimplySmashing

At Simply Smashing Boutique, our amazing spring and summer styles keep coming and we need to make more room. So our spring sale just got real...Super Real!

Our crazy cool (not to mention sizable) selection of sale styles are now only $39-$89. That's up to 85% off! All seasons and most of our designers are represented in the sale. Our Super Sale starts April 29, 2015 and ends May 11, 2015. Don't miss it.

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Canvas Nights in Downtown Campbell!

Posted on April 23rd, 2015 by TheArtBeat

The Art Beat is pleased offer Canvas Nights the second weekend of every month! Our instructor will guide you step by step to create an amazing masterpiece! Absolutely no experience is necessary. So grab a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor and come down to an actual art studio for a relaxing evening with art and music.

$35 per person for the evening.
Reservations are required.

Family Night is ages 7 & up. Children under 15 are $25!

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The Downtown Campbell Business Association would like to congratulate all Downtown Campbell businesses who won Metro’s Best of Silicon Valley 2015!

23 Skidoo
Best Thrift Shop

A Bellagio
Best Italian Fine Dining

Aqui Cal-Mex
Best Margarita
Best Dining Value
Best Family Restaurant

Blue Line Pizza
Best Happy Hour - West Valley

Bombshell Boutique
Best Clothing Boutique

Boogie on the Bayou - Campbell Chamber of Commerce
Best Local Festival - West Valley

Campbell Historical Museum
Best Small/Quirky Museum

Cardiff Lounge
Best Dive Bar - West Valley

Best Hair Salon - West Valley

Heroes Comic Books
Best Comics Store

The Jewel Box
Best Jewelry Store

Katie Blooms
Best Irish Pub
Best Karaoke - West Valley

Best Karaoke - West Valley
Best Dive Bar - West Valley

Oktoberfest - Campbell Chamber of Commerce
Best Holiday Celebration
Best Local Festival - West Valley

Best Dining Value
Best Restaurant Patio
Best Mediterranean/Greek Restaurant

Best Hair Salon - West Valley

Psycho Donuts
Best Donuts

Recycle Bookstore
Best Independent Bookstore

Sushi Confidential
Best Sushi
Best Happy Hour - West Valley

Tessora’s Barra di Vino
Best Wine Bar
Best Wine Shop - West Valley

Best Gift Shop for Funny Bone Amputees

Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt
Best Frozen Yogurt

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The City of Campbell’s Civic Improvement Commission has recently announced its new “Art Outside the Box” utility box art program. Modeled after San Jose’s program, this unique street art program allows artists to showcase their artwork on City-owned traffic control utility boxes located throughout Campbell.

The program will be funded through sponsorships and individual donations. Individuals, families, neighborhood groups, businesses, and local civic and other non-profit organizations are welcome and encouraged to sponsor the painting of artwork on a utility box. An online donor site has been established for donations and sponsorships.

The City is currently seeking local artists interested in displaying their art by painting up to ten utility boxes scattered throughout Campbell. Interested artists are asked to fill out an application, located on the City’s website. Application deadline is April 3, 2015 at 5pm.

Information on artist eligibility, guidelines, utility box locations, and sponsorships may also be found here. For questions, contact Oscar Murillo at [email protected] or 408-871-5304.

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We'll be holding the 17th Annual Bunnies and Bonnets Parade in Downtown Campbell this year and your group or organization can join in on the fun! Applications are now open for any family friendly themed group or float to be in this year's parade.

To apply, please see our online application form for this year's parade. You may also print out and mail in your application if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way.

If you had problems accessing the online form previously, please try again. We had some technical difficulties.

Apply Here: Bunnies and Bonnets Parade Application Form

Please note, all entries must be submitted by Friday, March 20th, 2015. Your participation in the parade is subject to approval from the Downtown Campbell Business Association board and you will be notified of the status of your application by e-mail.

For profit organizations will be subject to a $50 parade entrance fee that will be due upon acceptance into this year's parade.

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2 FREE Trial Karate Classes, PLUS a Free Uniform!

Posted on January 28th, 2015 by downtowngong

PRO Martial Arts is about much more than kicking, punching and karate workouts. We are passionate about helping our students build confidence and character that stays with them long after their time with us. PRO Martial Arts aims to prepare the children in our communities to grow into the next stages of their life by developing essential character development skills. Our students take away a potent blend of strength, flexibility, coordination and balance while learning effective and proven self-defense techniques in a fun and energizing environment.

PRO Martial Arts also offers classes catered to children as young as 3 years of age! Our Little Rhinos program is specially designed to teach pre-school-aged kids the basic moves, curriculum and protocol to begin their journey in martial arts. The classes are energetic, kid-friendly and always inspiring!

In addition to a full body workout, PMA offers a unique enrichment program that teaches children how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world. The program is comprised of 12 weekly lessons on Bullying Prevention and 12 separate lessons on Predator Prevention. Every lesson is stand-alone, ensuring students can enter the course at any time.

CLICK Here for our schedule

Simply Smashing Clearance Sale Continues!

Posted on January 14th, 2015 by SimplySmashing

The Simply Smashing Clearance Sale continues for our bargain-hunting fashionistas!

Simply Smashing Boutique's New Year Clearance Sale was a success, but the savings aren't quite over yet... Take a gander at our fully loaded $59 Sale Rack (original prices up to $300+) now through Wednesday, January 21, 2014.

And, while you're in the neighborhood, check out our 50% off sale on select clothing and 20% off sale on select jewelry, handbags, hats and scarves!

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Olive Oil Classes at The Olive Bar

Posted on January 6th, 2015 by DCBA

The Olive Bar is now hosting classes where you can taste and learn about olive oils from all over the world. Get your group together and call for a date. Classes must be a minimum of 16 adults. The charge is only $5 a person. You can bring your own wine and appetizers. It is lots of fun and you will get a discount that day or night on all products you buy. Call 408-370-1901 and ask for Didi, our manager.

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