Every year, as part of the Celebrate Campbell Awards Dinner event, we get to choose a person important to Downtown Campbell to honor. This year, we're pleased to name a person who's a true team player as the Downtown Campbell Business Association's (DCBA) person of the year for 2019. You might not know him, but if you're around in Downtown Campbell often, you've probably seen him because he lives downtown and shows up to just about everything to be there in support. Nicholas Welzenbach is the name that goes with this face you probably already recognize. He's the funeral director and a managing partner of Darling Fischer Memorial Chapel in Campbell. In addition to being a very active member of the DCBA, he's also a board member and President-Elect of the Campbell Chamber of Commerce.

Nicholas' selfless attitude perfectly embodies one of the core values of the Downtown Campbell Business Association, which is that doing things for the community is not just the right thing to do, but also good for businesses in the long run. For things that improve the quality of life in Campbell, he's never hesitated to volunteer himself and his business without considering if there's anything to gain from it. He also encourages fellow business owners to think of the community first and trust that any sacrifices they have to make is goodwill paid forward that will come back to them in the end.

Please join us in honoring Nicholas and other stand out members of the Campbell community at the Campbell Chamber's 51st Annual Celebrate Campbell Awards Dinner.


The Olive Bar is up for Sale!

Posted on February 5th, 2019 by The Olive Bar

If you know anyone out there who'd like to buy a successful specialty gourmet retail business in a thriving downtown, we have one of those in stock!

Ed and Chrystie have decided that it's time to retire for real and The Olive Bar is up for sale. There's another year left on their lease. They'll continue supplying us with great Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, and other gourmet items while they seek someone worthy enough to continue what they've started.

If interested, contact the Olive Bar for details.
https://www.facebook.com/TheOliveBarCampbellCA/posts/2037487652954747...Read More


Bunnies and Bonnets Parade Applications Open on February 10th

Posted on February 1st, 2019 by sheldon

Hi everyone, thanks to everyone who have been asking us about joining our Bunnies and Bonnets Parade later this year. It will be our 21st annual running of this (not so small) community parade and we'd love to have your group join us!

This year we will only be taking applications for the parade online. We will start taking applications online starting on Sunday, February 10th and keep the application period open until Sunday, March 10th. We'll inform all applicants of their status for the parade via email on or before March 15th.

Please return to downtowncampbell.com on or after February 10th to apply for this year's parade.


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Farewell to Moonfyre Metaphysical

Posted on January 31st, 2019 by sheldon

If you haven't heard, RockieArambula, the owner of MoonfyreMetaphysical has brain cancer and had to close her store of 16 years in Downtown Campbell. Of all of the ways for us to lose a business, this way has to be the worst. When you're around small businesses, you say a lot of goodbyes because things don't work out and businesses close. That's bad enough, but even worse is when you see healthy businesses close because the owner became ill or went through a major life event.

MoonfyreMetaphysical had been a cornerstone of the Downtown Campbell community for most of its 16 years here. They were especially engaged in their earlier days when Downtown Campbell was a struggling retail district that barely resembled what it is today. Before Moonfyremoved in, their space had turned over numerous times in the years before and even as Moonfyreyear after year, ALL of the businesses around it came and went and came and went again.

About an hour before the door at 401 E. Campbell Ave would close as MoonfyreMetaphysical for the last time, I stopped in to thank Rockie'sdaughter Kayleighfor Moonfyrebeing a part of our community for so long and for the role that the store played in helping Downtown Campbell get to where it is now. Kayleigh'svoice broke a little when she recalled how nobody wanted her mom to open the store and everyone thought she was crazy for pursuing her dream of having her own shop. "This little space has been so good to us for 16 years. I just hope that it'll be just as good to whoever gets it next."

We don't know what's next for the old Moonfyreshop, but we do know what's next for Rockieis a lot of cancer treatment that is hopefully followed by many years of slow recovery. What's next for Rockieand her family are a lot of difficult choices and unexpected expenses that would have been a strain to cover as the owner of a humble retail shop and will be even harder to cover as the former owner of a humble retail shop.

Most people who start businesses like Moonfyredo so because it's their passion, not because it's the best way for them to maximize their income. If something should happen and they're suddenly unable to continue, there is no soft landing. Rockieisn't able to go on disability and collect a paycheck while figuring out how to navigate her new normal and there's no such thing as severance pay, vacation payouts, or unemployment benefits for a small business owner.

One day you are the driving force behind one of the longest running retail shops in a thriving downtown and without warning, that is taken away from you. You're left with nothing all while you're working to regain your speech after having brain surgery.

This is the reality that our friend Rockieand her family are facing today. A GoFundMe pagehas been setup for Rockieto help her. If you can contribute a little...Read More


The Olive Bar is giving big discounts on their Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oils throughout the month of December!

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