We'd like to wish a happy retirement to these two crazy kids. Ed and Chrystie DeSoto just sold The Olive Bar to a nice family that will keep it an Olive Oil store. They'll be handing over the keys to the place on July 1st, making it just over 13 years that they've been Olive Oil retailers. They'll be introducing the new owners to all of their old friends at an event on Sunday, June 23rd from 4pm to 6pm.

In honor of their retirement, we're digging up some photos of the Olive Bar from their first days in business back in 2007. Later in the week to make this even more interesting, we're going to post some photos of what Downtown Campbell was like in 2007 when they opened and you'll understand what a remarkable ride the past 13 years have been.

Congratulations on crossing the finish line Ed and Chrystie. Please don't do something insane like you did the last time you retired. (They decided to open a retail store for the first time in the middle of a damn recession!)

The Campbell Museum is remaking our visitor video about the history of Campbell and Santa Clara Valley. We are looking for a host/ narrator. We are holding auditions on June 14 at the Campbell Historical Museum from 10am-1pm and are looking for actors or anyone comfortable acting in front of a camera, ages 16-30. If you are chosen, you will need to be available for filming over the course of two days in July.

If interested please email [email protected].

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Did you know that The Bar Method is expressly designed to give you a dancer's body? Check out this blog post from our founder, Burr Leonard, and discover the top five transforming secrets of The Bar Method.

If I asked you why The Bar Method is so good at changing bodies, you might answer that it’s an intense and targeted workout, and you’d be correct! What you may not be as aware of is its many other body-transforming abilities. In this blog, I will reveal five less-talked-about features of The Bar Method workout that are key to giving you the body you are working towards.

1. It is expressly designed to give you a dancer’s body

The Bar Method builds firm but graceful-looking muscles by challenging you to a large number of reps against moderate resistance. In contrast...


If you'd like to try the Bar Method for yourself, come visit our studio in Campbell.

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