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Relay for life would have taken place this past weekend on July 11th and 12th at the Campbell Community Center. This year, the annual event took place virtually as the relayers continued working to raise money for the fight against cancer while sheltered in place.

If you missed this event, you can chip in a donation still. You can find a team that you want to support through the Relay for Life website or you can choose to make a donation in the name of Relay for Life Campbell.

Relayers, feel free to post shout outs and links to your fundraising pages on this Facebook post if you have anything to share with the community.

See below for photos from last year's RFL event....Read More

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Ugh, so it turns out that winter's not over for some of our bears. Our salons, spas, and fitness studios are going to need to return to hibernation after all of this excitement. They'll have to shut down again starting on Wednesday, July 15th so if you have an appointment on Tuesday, it's still valid unless they called you to cancel.

Naturally, we're disappointed, but safety comes first and if Santa Clara County Public Health and the State of California saw something that forced them to reverse course, we know it wasn't a decision taken lightly. We moved ahead under the approval of the public health department and now we're stepping back under the guidance of public health.

Please remember that today's order only affects the businesses that were permitted to resume today so it doesn't affect outdoor dining or our retail shops. Remember that you can always support our restaurants and retailers with curbside and takeout. Be safe and remember to wear a mask when you come down here.

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In these very strange days, both of these opposing realities seem true: every day is Groundhog's Day and things are changing so fast you're not sure what to do.

Control what you can control. Stay centered. Don't get too high or too low.

It's easy to say and hard to do, but it's important enough that it bears repeating. Don't get too high and don't get too low. Stay centered. Control what you can.

Dream small if that's all that's within reach, but work up to something more when you feel up for it. Maybe that's tomorrow. Maybe that's in a year. Just keep in mind what you want your life to look like when this too passes.

Thank you to Murray Ellis (IG: @skydio2_in_cali) for this great sky video of Downtown Campbell winding down after another day.


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FINALLY! Starting on Monday, July 13th, you can once again get a haircut, or a massage, or attend a fitness class in Downtown Campbell again... but there are conditions.

Some services may not be available due to public health requirements and some services may need to be modified. For example, you won't be able to get a facial because you need to be wearing a face mask at all times when you're indoors. At least one of our fitness studios is exercising an abundance of caution and will only hold small classes outdoors or virtually. There's a lot of new normal that we have to get used to so please be understanding.

Things Aren't Normal

Please also keep in mind that our salons, spas, and fitness services been shut down for almost four months and there might be some hiccups in the first couple of weeks as everyone gets back into the swing of things. Then also keep in mind that as much as we want to just enjoy what simple luxuries we're able to have, things are not normal. Everyone will be learning how to operate their businesses differently from what they were used to back in March.

Hours may be erratic, especially in the initial weeks. Nobody really knows how much demand they need to fill so expect hours to change from week to week for a while until things stabilize. Some places might not have the staffing ready on July 13th to offer their normal hours. Please plan ahead and book your appointments in advance. Many places won't be able to squeeze you in if you just show up off the street.

Downtown Campbell Business Directory

Just about everything that can open safely in Downtown Campbell is going to be open again. That's terrific and we want it to stay that way. As you surely know, there are places elsewhere that are teetering on the possibility of having to go into shut down again. It's on all of us to make sure that doesn't happen here.

Follow All Safety Mandates

Wear a mask and maintain that glorious six feet of distance as much as possible from anyone you don't live with when you're here. Masks are absolutely required anytime you are indoors and it would make life easier on all of us if you also wore it outdoors anytime you're in Downtown Campbell because seeing a people walking around without masks discourages many people from venturing Downtown to pick-up takeout and we need their business.

Thank you for all of your support in these very strange days....Read More

This pandemic has brought uncertain times but also the best in all of us.

Our loyal sushi lovers have supported Sushi Confidential in various ways from takeout, Doordash orders, sushi kits and gift cards, to patiently waiting in line to dine with us in Campbell or downtown San Jose.

We appreciate your ongoing support for delicious sushi and can't wait to get back to a new normal.

Until then, we remain open for outdoor patio dining, takeout and Doordash. Come see us soon!

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Julie Dewhirst, the owner of Ritual Day Spa really put on a show throughout the nearly 4 month long shelter-in-place that her little spa wasn't able to be open. What she did during her extended layoff was truly something to admire and she sets the standard here for having the best Shelter in Place game in Downtown Campbell.

Spread across 117 days of shelter-in-place, she put out over 100 days of skin care tips including 80 some videos where she covered quick lessons on skin care basics. She discussed everything from the importance of wearing sunscreen, to techniques for treating common skin conditions, to demos on using professional products for self-care. Please take a look through Ritual Day Spa's Instagram Page if you'd like to pick-up a few random skin care tips or you just want to admire Julie's endurance.

Ritual Day Spa will be open again starting on July 13th (the first day allowed), but they'll only be doing waxing and massage until further notice. Please visit www.ritual-spa.com if you want to book an appointment.

Win Gift Cards to Ritual Day Spa

Gift Cards to Ritual Day Spa is one of our current prizes for our monthly Downtown Campbell Survival Project prize drawings! Enter our contest and you can win one of four $50 gift cards to visit Ritual Day Spa now that they're open again.

Pandemic Sam I Am (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Posted on July 3rd, 2020 by sheldon

Would you, would you wear it with a mouse? Would you, would you wear it to a coffee house?

People are getting better every week about wearing face masks in Downtown Campbell. Thank you for masking up and showing that you care about everyone's safety, but we keep seeing people who seem unsure when they're supposed to have it. To help clear things up, we invited none other than the great Dr. Seuss* to explain.

I am Sam. Pandemic Sam I am.
A mask I wear, I can, I can.

I will wear it in a shop
and wear it, wear it, without stop.
I am masked when on the street,
I am masked when on my feet.
I will wear it when placing orders,
but will not wear it when I eat.

I would wear it with a mouse,
and wear it to a coffee house.
I would wear it when I think,
But would not wear it when I drink.

I will wear it when I walk
and I will wear it when I talk
I will wear it when I’m close
and will wear it cross my nose

I cover my mouth when I’m in line
So my germs are mine, all mine
I wear my mask both here and there
I wear my mask most everywhere

Oh wear a mask I can, I can,
Because Pandemic Sam I am.**

*-A likely story. He said that was his name and he spoke in twisted rhymes so we didn't ask any questions.

**-Toddlers 2 years or younger do not have to be Pandemic Sam I Ams.

Here's a tongue twister for ya.

Tuesday is for Taco's at Tessora's. (3x fast) ?

Enjoy two Barbacoa Beef tacos with Chipotle Salsa, Crunchy Slaw, Black Bean and Corn salad sides + a beer for $15

We hope you enjoy how we make delicious and fresh tacos each Tuesday. We will serve them while supplies last (meaning they are good so they can and do sell out).

Our patio will be open 4-8pm for first come first serve or order via our online website for pick up options.

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It continues to be a painful time for all of us. It is hard to celebrate anything right now and there are lots of people who passed significant milestones in their lives this month. People became parents and grandparents. Many graduated from high school and college. New chapers began in muted hope against the backdrop of worry.

It's so very hard to celebrate right now, but we can still engage in the important act of recognition. It's Pride Month and so we recognize the valuable individuals who are LGBTQ and members of the greater Downtown Campbell community. When we recognize those who have been marginalized, we recognize our shared humanity and that no matter how different we may seem, we are still of the same human race and all equally deserving of dignity and unabated human rights.

So I recite in a solemnity that is hardened by the persistant pilot light of hope that on this day in history of June 28th in 1969, a catalyst for change happened in New York City. On this day, a police raid at a Gay nightclub called the Stonewall Inn ignited the Stonewall Riots and ensuing days of unrest. The event is now remembered as a landmark moment in the Gay rights movement that has over the course of decades afforded improved rights for the LGBTQ individuals amongst us.

We still have much work to do, but especially in our current time of trouble, we must pause to recognize that we've come out of that period of unrest as a more equal, more just, and more perfect union. To all of our LGBTQ friends, we wish you a belated and prideful Pride Month. May we continue to work on the difficult task of healing and justice together.

As you might know, we've been doing these monthly drawings for prizes where we give you a number of different ways you do something to help Downtown Campbell survive and in exchange we reward you with entries into the drawing. The prizes that we'll be giving away next month in July are all beauty themed so if you're eagerly awaiting the day that Santa Clara County announces that barber shops, salons, and spas are allowed to resume operations soon, you'll want to check out our July prizes.

For this upcoming drawing to be held at the end of July, we've got a special way you can earn free entries. We need your help to up our mask wearing game in Downtown Campbell. Take a photo of yourself in Downtown Campbell with a face mask on and post it to Instagram or Twitter and:

You're eligible to receive up one free entry per day. You can do this as many times as you wish, but they have to be different photos and taken on different days. You must be demonstrating proper wearing of a face mask or covering in the photo. If you're not sure what that is, please read through this post.

Dear Campbell Community,

Thank you, community, for your concerns about the health of our employees. It is appreciated and we hear you. In response to incorrect social media commentary regarding COVID and our best practices we offer the following:

Aqui currently has three hundred and fifty employees. Since January 1st we have experienced two positive CoVid-19 notifications from employees. Both of those notifications occurred in the last thirty days, post the relaxation of the shelter in place directive.

For the protection and privacy of our employees and due to HIPPA privacy guidelines we cannot give any details or release any information to the public about employee’s personal health. At present, one has been cleared and awaiting a return to work and the other is resting comfortably at home in recovery. All employees were notified immediately of the situation and were recommended to get tested.

Since the beginning of this pandemic we have implemented a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting program. We require all employees to wear face masks and nitrile gloves while working, we sanitize workstations after use, and we require hand washing every 15 minutes. Employees showing any of the listed symptoms for CoVid-19 will not be allowed to work.

We have all seen the resurgence of Covid-19 cases due to re-opening of businesses. Unfortunately, we will probably see more cases within our community and environment. We will continue to follow SCCHD and CDC protocols.

Aqui has been serving the South Bay community for over 26 years. Since January, keeping our restaurants open to pay our team has been a monumental challenge. So much has changed in a short period of time – the world around us, our neighborhoods, gathering spaces, the places we work and call home. Life in the midst of COVID-19 has sparked fear, frustration and anxiety all around. It is easy for distractions, criticism and stress to creep in. Social media can propagate emotionally driven information that can snowball into an uncontrollable false narrative. We are trying to look at all aspect of this pandemic; to learn and rethink our approaches. But now, more than ever, we must focus all of our energy on defeating this pandemic and the challenges associated with it. Nothing is more important than ensuring the health and safety of our employees and the community.

It is our sincerest hope that you continue to trust and support Aqui. Thank you for your understanding.

Links to the SCCHD guidelines page will be linked below and you will also be able to find more information on our CoVid-19 under our newswire menu....Read More

Hello DE Family!! We have officially opened DanceWorks registration! Keep in mind we are only allowing 10 dancers for in-person Summer classes with the option of virtual classes.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support during these trying times. We miss our dancers dearly and rest assured the staff at Dance Effects is taking the necessary precautions to ensure some normalcy. Check your emails for details!

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You may have heard that Aqui's Campbell had to close down temporarily due to one of their stafff members testing positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday. Effective immediately, they've suspended patio dining for safety reasons.

I don't know anything more than the information that is already public so I'm not directing nor deflecting blame when I say that things are very difficult right now for all of our shops and we need help from our community to meet us half the way. I read a lot of messages from people who express that the businesses need to take more responsibility to enforce the rules. That's a fair criticism, but please also understand how difficult this is to do in practice when sometimes patrons have no interest in following the rules set out for them. The people working the restaurants have a challenging enough of a job under these pandemic conditions. It'd be asking a lot of them to also be crowd control officers and experts in conflict resolution.

Everyone, we cannot do this without you. You must help us or we're going to have more incidents like this.

You can help us by modeling good behavior when you come down here and encourage your friends and family to do the same. It will be a slow process, but we can get there if we start now.

Downtown Campbell is a very social place and most people aren't willfully ignoring rules. They're just acting like normal decent human beings who read the room and adapt to their surroundings. The only issue is that too many are following the 2019 version of normal (which we all miss dearly). If we want to have nice things, you must must help us move on to the 2020 version of normal.

Please wear a mask, please demonstrate proper distancing, please make room for others, and please don't crowd around the high traffic areas. Livelihoods if not lives themselves are at stake.

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The Downtown Campbell Survival Project has entered round three and it's a perfect time to do our first themed round of prize giveaways. This month, it's all about beauty. We have some really great prizes lined up this month. If beauty's not your thing, we still have a good reason for you to enter.

You will have numerous ways you can enter to win these great prizes.

  • Buy something from a Downtown Campbell business and forward the proof of purchase to [email protected].
  • Share specific posts that have been tagged by us with #VivaDTC.
  • Tag us and post a selfie of you in a facemask while in Downtown Campbell to Instagram.

For full details of our monthly contests, please see the Downtown Campbell Survival Project page.

About All Bodies Welcome Hair Removal

All Bodies Welcome is hair removal for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable getting hair removal in traditional electrolysis clinics. All Bodies Welcome is hair removal with zero judgement. They have a table that holds up to 600 lbs and is wider than most massage tables to accommodate plus sized bodies. Gay, straight, trans, older, pregnant, women, or men are all perfectly normal at All Bodies Welcome Hair Removal.

About Ritual Day Spa


It’s a mad, mad world. Where constant demands drain your soul and your sanity. Where your needs come second to jobs, spouses, and children. And guardian angels nod off when needed most. Here at Ritual, you can escape. If only for a little while. Because sometimes, a little while is all you need.


•-If you win and you can't do anything with the beauty prizes, we'll let you trade in your prize for entries in next month's drawing. You'll get 10 entries for the grand prize and 5 entries for a runner up prize.

We’re back!! Come celebrate our 7 year anniversary with a sandwich from 11am to 3pm this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! A limited menu and canned beers will be available for takeout only.

We will be extending our hours in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more updates! We can’t wait to see you all again!

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We’re sharing this as a reminder to #shoplocal & #shopsmall. Like so many of your favorite businesses, ours is on the brink, for the first time in 13 years. We hate that our communities are in the position of choosing between our health and our livelihoods. There are no easy answers here.

Thank you for your support!

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Did you see our video about our Giveaway celebrating Day 100 of shelter in place?

Buy $100 in products online between now and this Sunday June 28th and you’ll get a free eye mask AND will be entered to win a free $100 facial! ($100 pre-tax and shipping.)

Shop online at www.ritual-spa.com.

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