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No Sundown Cinema in 2014. Back in 2015

Over the course of the past year, we’ve been in a back and forth discussion with the City of Campbell over the possibility of moving Sundown Cinema to the Orchard City Green (between City Hall and the Library). The conversation has been productive and we were making progress toward getting an agreement in place, but the process was taking longer than we expected and time was running out. It was getting to the point that by the time that we expected to have a proposal approved by the City Council, our lead time for making preparations would have been shorter than we were comfortable with considering the magnitude of the changes that we’re dealing with.

This means that we’ll again be without movies in Downtown Campbell this summer, but we haven’t given up. Our new plan is to have the terms that we were seeking for this year applied to next summer and get the proposal approved by the City Council by the end of summer to give us plenty of time to make preparations for 2015.

Unfortunately, our road back was made harder recently when we learned of the death of our AV technician and most dedicated volunteer, Ken Morgan. We posted a simple tribute to our friend.

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