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Oktoberfest 2005

Beer Me!
Beer Booth Volunteers
Historic 1950's Campbell Police Dept. Squad Car on Displ
Kids Zone at Oktoberfest 2005
Nicole Cheri and the Groundbreakers
The Groundbreakers without Nicole Cheri
Alpiners USA at Campbell's Oktoberfest
Enjoying the Alpiners USA
Drummin' with the Alpiners
Dancin' to the Alpiners

Historic 1950's Campbell Police Dept. Squad Car on Displ

It's a different sort of classic car than the ones you might usually spot on special occasions in Downtown Campbell, but this one draws the admiration of many classic car lovers too. It's a late 1950's era police car, restored to perfect condition and put on display at Oktoberfest 2005 in Downtown Campbell.
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