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Halloween in Downtown Campbell 2009

Volunteers Have Fun, Too
Posing with Pets
The Witch & The Grim Reaper
Trick or Treating at The Courtyard
Trick or Treating at The Courtyard
A Series of M&Ms in Strollers
Eek!  It's a Skunk!
Preparing a Carved Pumpkin for the Contest
Batman Talks to Robin
And the Winner of Carved Pumpkin Contest Is...
A Jungle Adventure Family
UPS Driver & Truck
Having Fun at the Costume Contest
The Transformer Transformed
The Queen of Hearts
Having Fun at the Costume Contest
Having Fun at the Costume Contest
Hook, Peter Pan, & Tinkerbell
The Captain America Family
Dracula & His Assistant
Even the Dogs Were in Costume!

Batman Talks to Robin

Photo taken at Downtown Campbell's Creepy Crawly Halloween, October 30, 2009.
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