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Komatsu Japanese Cusine

Welcome to Komatsu!
Komatsu's Main Dining Room
Traditional Japanese Tatami Rooms
Spider Roll
Dragon Roll
Deluxe Nigiri Plate
Spicy Tuna Temaki Hand Rolls
Assorted Sushi Platter
Chicken Teriyaki Dinner
Japanese Dessert
Uni, Sake, and Hamachi
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer
Deluxe Sashimi Plate
Tatami Room(s)
Sushi Bar
Komatsu Japanese Cuisine
Three Sushi Friends

Traditional Japanese Tatami Rooms

Komatsu's features six traditional Japanese Tatami dining rooms that seat four people each. Parties of up to thirty people can be accommodated by raising the middle partitions to join rooms.
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