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Creepy Crawly Halloween 2008

Sponsors / Judges
Happy Treater
Givin' a Wave
Posed Treaters
Trick-or-Treat Procession
Seeing Stripes
A Busy Bee
Struttin' His Stuff
Colorful Costume
Courtyard Galleria Promenade
Pretty Princess
Family-Friendly Fun
Enjoying a treat
Proud Pose
A Little Pokey Sticks Pix, Mon!
Beauty Winner!
Winding Down
Youthful Joy!
Doggone Cute
Family Fun
Creepy But Not Crawly

Creepy But Not Crawly

The Bed & Back Shop really got into the spirit of Halloween this year at the annual Creepy Crawly Halloween celebration in Downtown Campbell. Photo by Sonya Paz.
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