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Sundown Cinema 2008

Welcome to Sundown Cinema 2008!
Early Birds Show up at Sundown Cinema 2008
Sundown Cinema 2008 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Stephanie Viveros - aka Popcorn Queen
Manuel & Stephanie
Family Time at Sundown Cinema
Enjoying Some Tunes
Date Night at Sundown Cinema
Sundown Cinema - Pre-Show Shorts
Pre-Show Shorts at Sundown Cinema
Best Seats in the House at Sundown Cinema
Popcorn Time at Sundown Cinema

Popcorn Time at Sundown Cinema

Stephanie Viveros serves up some fantastic popcorn at Sundown Cinema before and during the featured film. (The evening won't be complete until you've had at least one bag!) All profits from the sale of the popcorn go to Casa de la Cultura Mexica to sponsor Sundown Cinema.
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