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Sundown Cinema 2008

Welcome to Sundown Cinema 2008!
Early Birds Show up at Sundown Cinema 2008
Sundown Cinema 2008 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Stephanie Viveros - aka Popcorn Queen
Manuel & Stephanie
Family Time at Sundown Cinema
Enjoying Some Tunes
Date Night at Sundown Cinema
Sundown Cinema - Pre-Show Shorts
Pre-Show Shorts at Sundown Cinema
Best Seats in the House at Sundown Cinema
Popcorn Time at Sundown Cinema

Best Seats in the House at Sundown Cinema

The Sundown Cinema film may be projected against an imperfect wall, but most all attendees of Sundown Cinema enjoy great seats throughout the parking lot. A bunch of people here enjoy the pre-show shorts from the front row.
date added: Aug 27, 2010 | author: ArsNova | 4619 views | 2 comments | permalink

why would they sit that close. There is tons of room and the pic i real big. Looks like a good time but I have three dogs and five cats so we sort of have a deal to watch movies together.
added on Sep 2, 2008 | author: techvbjoe | permalink
In this picture, the audience looks really close to the wall, but they're actually a good distance away from it. I was sitting in front that night with friends, and we didn't crane our necks at all - it was quite comfortable.
added on Sep 2, 2008 | author: ArsNova | permalink

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