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Mary Medrano Gallery

Aging Students

Aging Students

I loved music in school and that’s it. The rest was a struggle, and at times downright awful. Take math for instance, how could a letter be part of adding or subtracting? OK. I’m over it... almost. In reality, I truly love learning, I just have a problem with the method. I want hands on, real life, tangible learning. These students masquerading as roses feel the same way. They are fading fast in a classroom of black and white.
date added: Aug 27, 2010 | author: MaryMedrano | 4816 views | 1 comments | permalink

Awww, I really like this piece a lot Mary. I love the double references like the alphabet that resembles the periodic table of elements.
added on Jun 12, 2008 | author: Sheldon | permalink

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