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Boogie on the Bayou 2008

Getting their fun boogie on!
Trumpets to the fore!
Mike Kjolhaug, artist
Motordude Zydeco
Line Dancing to Motordude Zydeco
Dancing to Motordude Zydeco
Line Dancing to Motordude Zydeco #2
Groovin' to Motordude Zydeco
A content old-timer
Bug Horn Rex
Bug Horn Rex Street Marching
Tasty Eats
Key Club mans the Beverages Booth
California Repercusions in performance
Babe's Boogie Bongo
Great volunteers/sponsors

Dancing to Motordude Zydeco

Campbell's Boogie on the Bayou
Sat. May 17th & Sun. May 18th, 2008

Photos by Don Abel
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