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Downtown Campbell - Creepy Crawly Halloween 2007

Here They Come!
Losin my Spidey Suit!
Run from Darth Vader and the Mummy Leia!
Halloween Crossing Guard
Pirate Ship Parting the Waters
The Courtyard Galleria Rocks on Halloween 2007
Clown for Halloween
Elvis on Halloween
Spider Men on Halloween
Uh-Oh! Here comes something evil!
Like Birds to a Birdbath
Alternative Energy: Dog Power Costumes
Awaiting the Start of the Haloween Costume Contest
Costume Processional
It's funny, really!
Bars and Stripes Forever?
Low battery warning!
Campbell- Land of Enchantment
Child wonder
Baited Breath
Winner runabout

The Courtyard Galleria Rocks on Halloween 2007

There were not only flocks and flocks of people Trick or Treating in the Courtyard Galleria in Downtown Campbell for Creeply Crawly Halloween 2007, there was a live cover band rocking the evening away.
date added: Aug 27, 2010 | author: Sheldon | 6011 views | 0 comments | permalink

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