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Sept 2007 First Friday - Classic Rock Blast

Tail Finned Batmobile!
BAM! It's the Batmobile!
Classic Car Show by Willie's Place
Outdoor Art Displays in the Courtyard
Grand Opening at Mary Medrano Gallery
Don Eduardo Evangelizing the Unconverted with Olive Oil
DJ Benofficial
Classic Rock Cover Band Wild Motion
RS2 Solid Sound Performs in the Courtyard
Classic Rock Cover Band: Ampersand
Packing the Sidewalk for Ampersand
The Last Picture Show - Final Night of Sundown Cinema 2007
Rollin the Credits One Last Time at Sundown Cinema
Classic Cars in Historic Campbell
Checkin' out the classics
A Pleasant Evening
Ready for a wild ride!
Purple powered
Chatting it up
A reflective cover
Hanging with the cars
Colorful shirts
Pole Push
Multi-level Music
Tickle those "ivory" keys
Check this out!
Four on a bench
Wild Motion Fans
Courtyard Music
Sidewalk Rock featuring Ampersand
Feet move

The Last Picture Show - Final Night of Sundown Cinema 2007

Approximately 350 came out for the final night of Sundown Cinema 2007 in Downtown Campbell to see the movie chosen by audience vote, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 2007 was the best year in attendance and spirit for Sundown Cinema with an average of over 300 people coming out to support the movies with their seats and donations.
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