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First Friday: Hot Nights in the Old Town

Spying on Sundown Cinema
The Blues Rockers Close Out the Night After 3 Hours
Local Artists on Display in the Courtyard on Friday Night
Hot Cars, Hot Weather, Hot Crowds at Hot Nights in the Old Town!
A Classic Rolls?
Please Don't Kick the Tires!
Hot Rods on Display on First Friday
The Obligatory Tail Fin Shot
Classic Cars Parked Outside of ISLG in Downtown Campbell
Checkin Out the Vintage Campbell PO-lice Squad Car
The Only Thing Missing is Some Cowbell
Blues/Rock Band, After Dark Performs at First Friday
Blues/Rock Band, After Dark Performs at First Friday
The Hot Rods Rock the Mortuary
The Hot Rods Rock the Mortuary
People Gathered Outside of the Olive Bar & Trailsloggers
Public Artist - Terra Polaris Gallery
The Blues Rockers Were Really Rockin
Hot Classic Cars on Display Outside of Toastshop

The Hot Rods Rock the Mortuary

This will definitely go proudly on the band's resume'. The classic rock/oldies cover band, the Hot Rods, rock away outside of Darling-Fischer Mortuary in Downtown Campbell. People danced on the dance floor put on the lawn and groups of people took seats in chairs set up on the lawn and across the street.
date added: Aug 27, 2010 | author: Sheldon | 4934 views | 0 comments | permalink

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