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Sundown Cinema 2007

Grease Kicks off another summer of movie classics!
Grease Kicks off another summer of movie classics!
People Checking Out the Sundown Cinema Movie Schedule
Staking Out The Good "Seats" Before Jaws
Rooting for Jaws at Jaws!
Filling Up an Hour Before the Movie
Warming Up For Orson Welles, Larry Curly & Moe
Citizen Kane I Presume?

Citizen Kane I Presume?

A young Orson Welles smiles on the big screen at the audience who came to meet the classic Citizen Kane at Sundown Cinema in Downtown Campbell on July 27th, 2007. For the time, Citizen Kane was considered a ground breaking piece of cinematography, but like many critically acclaimed works of art, it was a relative flop at the box office and may have been hurt by its controversial similarities to the life of William Randolph Hearst. Hearst wanted the movie destroyed and tried to destroy it in more ways than one.
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