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Sundown Cinema 2007

Grease Kicks off another summer of movie classics!
Grease Kicks off another summer of movie classics!
People Checking Out the Sundown Cinema Movie Schedule
Staking Out The Good "Seats" Before Jaws
Rooting for Jaws at Jaws!
Filling Up an Hour Before the Movie
Warming Up For Orson Welles, Larry Curly & Moe
Citizen Kane I Presume?

Staking Out The Good "Seats" Before Jaws

These people came to the movie over a couple of hours early so they could get the best seats in the house. Of course, it's also a good excuse to have a camp out without the camping part for a few hours. For being such spirited fans of Sundown Cinema, we're putting up a picture of them. Pictured clockwise from L to R: (Them #1, Them #2, Them #3... etc).

People regularly come hour ahead of the movie start time just to hang out with friends and chat with the other folks who come either to stake out the best spots or just to chat with other folks from throughout the Campbell area community.
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