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First Fridays in Downtown Campbell 2007

Elvis LIVES... in Downtown Campbell
Dan-Cyn-di Garofalo
Leisurely Dana Smith
Laura Jaeger
Real Men Do Bubbles
Kids Dancing at the Disco Lot
Swing Your Partner Round and Round
Julie Larwood Bubbling at the Bubble Zone
Ron the DJ Gets 'em all Dancin
Birthday Girl Gets to Disco Down
Julie Teaches the Kids to Do the Hustle
You Knew It Was Going to Happen
and this was inevitable too
Cars and People Lining Up to Pay Homage to the King
Hail to the King!
Ray on Drums and Tammy's Mom on Bass
You Are Never Too Old to Get Your Groove On
Puppet Show in front of Darling-Fischer
Puppet Show in front of Darling-Fischer
Talking Tools at the Puppet Show
I caught a fish in Downtown Campbell!
Plan B Performs Outside of Starbucks
Sidewalk Jewelry Sale
Michael Gaither & Bandmates at Americana First Friday
Ed Desoto of the Olive Bar Kicks Back and Enjoys the Show
The World's Smallest Trio pairs up outside of Sonoma Chicken Coop

The World's Smallest Trio pairs up outside of Sonoma Chicken Coop

Chuck McCabe and Rolfe Wyer, known as "the world's smallest trio," play outside of Sonoma Chicken Coop at the Americana themed First Friday event on July 6th, 2007.

Chuck McCabe is the winner of numerous national awards, including the prestigious Woody Guthrie Songwriting competition. He has recorded his music in Nashville and L.A. on three major labels (Capitol, ABC, and GRT).
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