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Changing of the Guard
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Changing of the Guard

The Gaslighter sign coming down today -- the building is being remodeled into a bar / lounge
date added: Aug 27, 2010 | author: stone | 6110 views | 2 comments | permalink

Wow, how long has that sign been up there? It'll seem so different without that sign there.

Didn't someone buy the sign? Was it Cyndi Garofalo?
added on Apr 11, 2007 | author: Sheldon | permalink
The sign has been up for 40 years!

NO, this is probably the one cool antique that Cyndi won't have in her shop. The City of Campbell took it -- it went into a storage warehouse in the Community Center.

Notice the blury light post banner? I took the photo with my cell phone camera, and with the lense exposed it often has a fingerprint or something on it -- bummer... I try to remember to check that, but do forget.

I am torn on if I like the building with the sign or not. The sign added life -- nice color and neon -- without the sign it shows the classical building -- but not as colorful...

added on Apr 13, 2007 | author: stone | permalink

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