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Oscars Night at the Coop 2007

Emcee, Danny Miller shares a laugh with the Devil
Oscars Night Benefit Organizer Diana Rodich at the Silent Auction
Distinguished Guests Packing in the Silent Auction
HAL 2000 meet Ellen Degeneres 2007
Rule #1, The Devil Can Make As Long of a Speech as She Pleases
A Different Kind of Trinity
The Queen and Co Admire the Stawberry Bouquet
Prada vs. the Paparazzi. The Devil Loses.
Dinner fit for The Queen at Oscars Night 2007
A Queen and her Dog
Thanking the Academy
Oscars Night was a fun evening and a terrific benefit event
And the Winner is...
Oscars Night at the Coop 2007
Arrival on the Red Carpet of Downtown Campbell
Signed Team Jersey from the Sharks and Star Autographs
Welcome to the Red Carpet Dana Smith!
Fashion Advice on the Red Carpet of Downtown Campbell
No Comment. That's All! Get Out of My Way.
The Devil Waves to her Adoring Public
The Red Carpet at Oscars Night at the Coop 2007!
Welcome to Oscars Night at the Coop 2007
Emcee Danny Miller Checks in to the Oscars Party
Oscars Night at the Coop 2007 Benefit Ready to Start!

Fashion Advice on the Red Carpet of Downtown Campbell

This distinguished guest of the Academy hopes to win in the Oscars pool at the Oscars Night benefit at the Sonoma Chicken Coop in Downtown Campbell. She's promptly swarmed upon by a team of microphone packing fashion obsessed DV journalists who want to know what she's wearing and who her pick for best supporting actress is.
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