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Follow Your Heart Valentine's Day Themed Events

Follow Your Heart: Special Delivery
Follow Your Heart: The Rainbow Lion
Follow Your Heart: Mike Zampiceni
Follow Your Heart: Dan the Saxophone Man
Follow Your Heart: Pinder Winery
Follow Your Heart 2007: Gift Basket Raffle Prizes
Follow Your Heart 2007: Passports are turned in, let the raffle begin!

Follow Your Heart 2007: Gift Basket Raffle Prizes

The 2007 Follow Your Heart Valentine's Day themed event in Downtown Campbell gave many people an excuse to visit all their favorite shops in Downtown Campbell with a "passport" that they could get each store to stamp. At the end of the night, the passports were turned in and the stamps were exchanged for raffle tickets to win one of these four gift baskets of goods and goodies donated by participating merchants.
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