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Oktoberfest 2006

You Dance Your Way, I Dance Mine
Kissin, Wavin, Waiting For Beer
Arts & Craft Stands & Lots More at Oktoberfest
A Doggone Good Time
Kids Play Area Courtesy of Diana's Fashions
Hoop It Up and Have a Beer
Can you face it?
The Guard Cycle
Alpiners' Polka
Ever seen an Alpine drum?
Thirsty Festival-goers
Peaceful Respite
Scenes of Oktoberfest

Kids Play Area Courtesy of Diana's Fashions

Diana's Fashions, an African fashions store in Downtown Campbell, lays out hula hoops for kids to play with while a stereo pumps out traditional tribal music.
date added: Aug 27, 2010 | author: Sheldon | 6437 views | 0 comments | permalink

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