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First Fridays 2006

Belly Dancing Troupe: Jewels of Opar
Belly Dancing Troupe: Jewels of Opar
Belly Dancing Troupe: Jewels of Opar
Bluesy Street: The Growiser Band
Yes, we have cowbell!
Ampersand Rocks Downtown Campbell
Elvis Lives: The King and Us
Elvis Lives: The King and Us
Jazz/Blues Group outside of Bruni Gallery
Ampersand: Ed Toro, the Drummer of Ampersand
First Fridays: Rainbow Lion Making Balloon Animals
First Fridays: Downtown Campbell is Alive with People!
First Fridays: Swamp Foot Outside of Trailsloggers
First Fridays: Swamp Foot Keyboardist, Brad Whitney
Engagement Party at First Friday in Oct?
No Dancing in the Street, but Singing is Ok
The Blues Rockers
Kristina Sablan at Bruni Gallery
Tom Hammer and the Tools at First Friday Oct 2006
The Scene Outside of Trailsloggers
The Greg Newlon Band
Kaila D'Sa Plays at Orchard Valley Coffee
Michael Gaither at First Fridays
Plan B x 3

First Fridays: Swamp Foot Outside of Trailsloggers

Swamp Foot, a Zydeco, Rock, Funk, and Jazz band, strikes up a cajun sound outside of Trailsloggers at the First Friday event on Friday, Sept 1, 2006 in Downtown Campbell.

Swamp Foot Band Members are:
    Kevin Legnon - Lead vocals/washboard/kazoo
    Larry Jenkins - Accordion
    Jim Whitney - Guitar/backing vocals
    Brad Whitney - Keyboards
    Martin Schmidt- Bass/backing vocals
    Mike Reppucci - Drums
    Larry Wilson - Sax/percussion/backup vocals
date added: Aug 27, 2010 | author: Sheldon | 8668 views | 3 comments | permalink

These guys were awesome. They were a whole mixed can of crazy nuts, but they were good and fun to watch!
added on Sep 2, 2006 | author: Sheldon | permalink
Hey is this gonna be a regular gig?
added on Oct 23, 2007 | author: yetta (Guest) | permalink

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