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Laptops and Smartphones at Sundown Cinema

The past few years as more and more people have laptops and smartphones we've been seeing more and more people come to the summer movies in Downtown Campbell with them pulled out. I'm sure this year we'll add tablet devices to the list of things people will bring with them to the movies.

To date, we haven't had a policy on use of personal electronic devices during movies. Our approach has been to only lay down rules when something gets to be a problem. It might be time to have a policy. Each year we've received more complaints from people that they're being distracted by someone in the crowd using a laptop or smart phone.

We're going to let our audience set the policy. Please vote on whether we should allow unlimited use of any electronic device, impose a complete ban, or allow limited use of smartphones for important matters. If you have anything extra to say, please post a comment with your thoughts.

We're going to a movie. Of course there should be no texting or conversations or telephone usage! But common sense is not common, thus, your poll.
There should be an announcement to please silence all cell phones, and no phone usage during the movie, whether a call or texting.
Should someone need to use their phone, they can move out to the sidewalk (then down the street and around the corner far far away - :yea: ) or at least a short way away from earshot. I think laying some groundrules will at least help set a standard of common courtesy. Perhaps we need a sign at entry, a reminder announcement at the beginning of the movie.
No cell phones may not be practical... what if someone is meeting someone there, or families keeping in touch, etc.
A policy outlining courtesy will hopefully improve matters.
Thanks for trying to maintain order and a continued pleasant evening out!
added on May 23, 2012 | author: amikk | permalink
I say ban altogether as one person's version of "imporance" varies from person to person.

Setting the expectation ahead of time will nip most of this in the bud and people will comply.

added on May 29, 2012 | author: spfa | permalink

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