The Olive Bar

The Olive Bar

232 East Campbell Ave. [ Map ]
Campbell, CA 95008


Mon-Wed: 11am - 6pm
Thur-Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 9am - 3pm


The Olive Bar

Everything Olive and More!

The Olive Bar in Downtown Campbell is your source for the freshest and highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, and more! Our olive oils are sourced from around the world and domestically from award winning producers to bring you only the freshest seasonal flavors bottled daily from our taps.

Most people believe that olive oil is a largely flavorless tasting oil because almost all of the olive oil sold today on the mass market is not what we'd consider real olive oil. Your typical mass market oil, sold as "Pure Olive Oil" or "Lite Olive Oil" is actually a blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a processed oil that's been chemically treated to remove impurities that would otherwise ruin the oil. The amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you're getting in these blends is usually no more than 10%.

Let the Olive Bar in Downtown Campbell show you how fine Olive Oil is supposed to taste! Come visit our store for a free tasting of any of our sixteen olive oils or ten balsamic vinegar varieties.

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