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Downtown Campbell First Friday Photos

Classic Red Car
Classic Cars Along E. Campbell Avenue
Classic Cars Outside ICSC
Classic Cars Along E. Campbell Avenue
White Impala
A Busy Night at the Courtyard
El Mambo Combo at The Courtyard
Children Dance to the Music of The Jokers
Mary Medrano Gallery 1st Anniversary
Steel Drummer outside of Terra Polaris
Dancers: Singin in the Rain
Dancers: Short Themed Performance
Contemporary Dancers: Dance Effects
World Sound: Lemo
Belly Dancers: Jewel of Opar
Tail Finned Batmobile!
BAM! It's the Batmobile!
Classic Car Show by Willie's Place
Outdoor Art Displays in the Courtyard
Grand Opening at Mary Medrano Gallery
Don Eduardo Evangelizing the Unconverted with Olive Oil
DJ Benofficial
Classic Rock Cover Band Wild Motion
RS2 Solid Sound Performs in the Courtyard
Classic Rock Cover Band: Ampersand
Packing the Sidewalk for Ampersand
The Last Picture Show - Final Night of Sundown Cinema 2007
Rollin the Credits One Last Time at Sundown Cinema
Classic Cars in Historic Campbell
Checkin' out the classics
A Pleasant Evening
Ready for a wild ride!
Purple powered
Chatting it up
A reflective cover
Hanging with the cars
Colorful shirts
Pole Push
Multi-level Music
Tickle those "ivory" keys
Check this out!
Four on a bench
Wild Motion Fans
Courtyard Music
Sidewalk Rock featuring Ampersand
Feet move
Spying on Sundown Cinema
The Blues Rockers Close Out the Night After 3 Hours
Local Artists on Display in the Courtyard on Friday Night
Hot Cars, Hot Weather, Hot Crowds at Hot Nights in the Old Town!
A Classic Rolls?
Please Don't Kick the Tires!
Hot Rods on Display on First Friday
The Obligatory Tail Fin Shot
Classic Cars Parked Outside of ISLG in Downtown Campbell
Checkin Out the Vintage Campbell PO-lice Squad Car
The Only Thing Missing is Some Cowbell
Blues/Rock Band, After Dark Performs at First Friday
Blues/Rock Band, After Dark Performs at First Friday
The Hot Rods Rock the Mortuary
The Hot Rods Rock the Mortuary
People Gathered Outside of the Olive Bar & Trailsloggers
Public Artist - Terra Polaris Gallery
The Blues Rockers Were Really Rockin
Hot Classic Cars on Display Outside of Toastshop
Elvis LIVES... in Downtown Campbell
Dan-Cyn-di Garofalo
Leisurely Dana Smith
Laura Jaeger
Real Men Do Bubbles
Kids Dancing at the Disco Lot
Swing Your Partner Round and Round
Julie Larwood Bubbling at the Bubble Zone
Ron the DJ Gets 'em all Dancin
Birthday Girl Gets to Disco Down
Julie Teaches the Kids to Do the Hustle
You Knew It Was Going to Happen
and this was inevitable too
Cars and People Lining Up to Pay Homage to the King
Hail to the King!
Ray on Drums and Tammy's Mom on Bass
You Are Never Too Old to Get Your Groove On
Puppet Show in front of Darling-Fischer
Puppet Show in front of Darling-Fischer
Talking Tools at the Puppet Show
I caught a fish in Downtown Campbell!
Plan B Performs Outside of Starbucks
Sidewalk Jewelry Sale
Michael Gaither & Bandmates at Americana First Friday
Ed Desoto of the Olive Bar Kicks Back and Enjoys the Show
The World's Smallest Trio pairs up outside of Sonoma Chicken Coop
Belly Dancing Troupe: Jewels of Opar
Belly Dancing Troupe: Jewels of Opar
Belly Dancing Troupe: Jewels of Opar
Bluesy Street: The Growiser Band
Yes, we have cowbell!
Ampersand Rocks Downtown Campbell
Elvis Lives: The King and Us
Elvis Lives: The King and Us
Jazz/Blues Group outside of Bruni Gallery
Ampersand: Ed Toro, the Drummer of Ampersand
First Fridays: Rainbow Lion Making Balloon Animals
First Fridays: Downtown Campbell is Alive with People!
First Fridays: Swamp Foot Outside of Trailsloggers
First Fridays: Swamp Foot Keyboardist, Brad Whitney
Engagement Party at First Friday in Oct?
No Dancing in the Street, but Singing is Ok
The Blues Rockers
Kristina Sablan at Bruni Gallery
Tom Hammer and the Tools at First Friday Oct 2006
The Scene Outside of Trailsloggers
The Greg Newlon Band
Kaila D'Sa Plays at Orchard Valley Coffee
Michael Gaither at First Fridays
Plan B x 3

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