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Friday - October 5, 2012

6:00PM - Downtown Campbell First Friday

First Fridays are fun events held on the first Friday of every month in Downtown Campbell, 6pm-9pm, rain or shine.  Bring the whole family for an evening of free entertainment, late-night shopping, and delicious food.

Entertainment tonight will include: Steve Austin performing at Frost Cupcake Factory, Hubert Emerson & The GroWiser Band performing at Simply Smashing!, Andrew Paz performing at Recycle Bookstore West, and Mark Rodrigeuz performing at Toys Toys Toys.


Please note: we had to cancel the Zombie Crawl Theme that was planned for tonight....but First Friday lives on!  (It just doesn't want to eat your brains this year.)

Downtown Campbell
E. Campbell Ave and Central [ map ]

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Cost: free

I have to ask why?! Why was Zombie crawl cancelled on October 5th? I have two young daughters who were really looking forward to dressing up in costumes which they had purchased. Both are now angry and upset because of this cancellation, one is even crying in her bedroom. Will it be rescheduled or is it totally cancelled?! ;( :angry:
added on Oct 5, 2012 | author: MARK HALL(Guest) | permalink
Hi Mark,

I'm sure it'll be in the plans again next year, but Brooke, the person who's organized it every year to date just had a child and when a few other things fell through, it was just going to be too much to pull it off this year. The Zombie Crawl and most of the activities in Downtown Campbell are all organized by volunteers.
added on Oct 5, 2012 | author: Sheldon | permalink

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