Pro Martial Arts

236 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

Monday -Thursday 12:00AM-7:30PM
Saturday: 10:00AM-1:00PM

Building Character For A Lifetime™

PRO Martial Arts is about far more than kicking, punching and karate workouts. From kids to adults, from beginners to experts, from karate, to kickboxing and much more - every class at PRO Martial Arts includes a core focus on building confidence, staying safe, and developing character.

Founded by Grandmaster Samane, PRO Martial Arts offers a cohesive blend of the best elements of traditional Korean martial arts. Incorporating elements of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, the system provides the opportunity to develop a potent blend of strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, while learning effective and proven self-defense techniques in a fun and energizing environment.

But what truly sets PRO Martial Arts apart from the average martial arts school are our inspiring and motivational life skills training programs for students ages 4 to 17. Our proprietary programs, including ARMOR® Bullying and Predator Prevention, Little Rhinos for pre-schoolers, Character Education, and Advanced Leadership, set us apart from the average martial arts school.

Not Just For Kids
One of the featured classes in PRO Martial Arts’ Adult Program is our Fitness Kickboxing course, which combines motivational lectures, functional athletic drills, and proven martial arts techniques to create a holistic workout for the mind and body. The classes are energetic, challenging, ever-changing, and always inspiring! Instead of just waiting for your child’s class, you can maximize your time and meet your own fitness goals!


Pro Martial Arts
236 E Campbell Ave Campbell, CA 95008