Gallery of Dreams

305 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

Friday, Saturday: 2pm - 6pm
Sunday: 1pm - 4pm
Monday-Thursday: Closed

Gallery of Dreams

Phyllis Jenkins, artist/owner, manages this friendly, intimate gallery of talented local artists located in the Courtyard, Downtown Campbell. Your eyes will never rest as you scan the wide variety of fine art paintings, available in a variety of sizes to match your budget. Throughout the year you can visit, ask questions, and get to know each artist as they paint, draw or greet guests in the gallery. There will be frequent solo shows featuring a theme or individual artist. Guest artists with unique and creative gift offerings are also featured. Commissions and consignments are available; you will find small, seasonal gift items too!


Phyllis Jenkins whose style embraces pop art, symbolism, and abstract expressionism says, “My art reflects my fascination with the drama of life through the play of color, and the message of gesture and texture.” The symbolic tradition of vintage poster artists provide inspiration for her colorful, dynamic paintings which can be emotionally striking or quirky and playful. She says, "All art is a Rorscharch. The viewer is as important as the symbol emerging from the sculpture or the canvas.”

Carol Bower is an impressionist landscape painter in acrylics and pastel who especially enjoys the beauty and spiritual connection she feels to the landscape. Carol says, “For me art is a sentimental journey…a recording of feelings and an opportunity to show reverence for the beauty and variety of the natural world. Through the language of art I can express the joy I feel when creating a magical world of unlimited possibilities for combining colors, shapes, lines, and textures.”

Carol Greene has found the human figure and face her primary source of inspiration for her paintings. Carol works from observation as well as photographs and enjoys using a variety of media. She says, “While a realistic likeness of my subject is at times important I am always hoping to allow more than the surface representation to come through. Doing art connects me to an otherwise hidden part of myself and provides opportunities for connections with others who respond to my work.”

Marina Hanson, whose artwork can be categorized as surrealistic, sometimes abstract, but the constant elements in her work are the vibrancy of the colors and vivid contrasts. She says, “In my paintings, my imagination runs wild as I attempt to paint more than I see.” By capturing her deepest thoughts and feelings on canvas, Marina connects with the viewer a desire for beauty, poetics, and seduction. Every art piece she has created has a story to tell.

Katy Kindig is a painter who likes to see the mark of the tool or the mark of a brush stroke on her paintings. She sometimes uses pencil, or stencils on the wet paint. Katy says, “I start with a limited color palette and look for the colors and shapes most of all. Wheather I am painting a California Landscape, portrait, or still life, I look for the shapes and colors and how everything interacts.” Be sure to check out her wonderful dog portraits…so full of character.

Lorraine Lawson is an abstract expressionist, with an emphasis on “lyrical abstraction.” She says, “my abstract works not only encompass the formal elements of composition, color, value, and texture, but communicate concepts, mindset, ideas, and emotion. My work evolves along with my relation to the natural world. Culture and lifestyle are themes that invite the viewer to develop a connection to my work.” Lorraine also expresses her love of nature in more traditional landscape paintings.


Gallery of Dreams
305 E Campbell Ave Campbell, CA 95008